Are Duncan and Alyssa still together? MAFS Australia season 10 update


Alyssa (left) and Duncan (right) in a garden on their wedding day
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As Married At First Sight Australia continues, fans want to know if Duncan and Alyssa are still together.

Married at First Sight Australia is now well under way - with the Married at First Sight reunion on the horizon - and plenty of drama has already gone down during the weddings and honeymoons, with more to come as the show's dinner parties and commitment ceremonies continue.

And viewers are eager to know which couples have gone the distance after filming ended, whether its solid pairings like Lyndall and Cameron and Melinda and Layton, or those that have had a rougher ride such as Caitlin and Shannon. Another couple that has drawn intrigue from fans is Duncan and Alyssa - especially after rumours emerged that Duncan and Evelyn are now together post-filming...

Are Duncan and Alyssa still together?

Despite starting out as one of the strongest couples on season 10 of Married At First Sight Australia, it looks like Duncan and Alyssa have gone their separate ways. Fans believe this to be the case because the pair have not been photographed or seen together since the show ended - despite both living in Sydney.

Further rumours have been fuelled after Daily Mail Australia reported that Duncan ends up dumping Alyssa during their final vows. They quote a source close to the bride who said, "Alyssa just didn't understand why she was strung along." They add that Alyssa was pressured her to say "yes" by producers, when they "clearly knew Duncan would be dumping her. It wasn't fair."

Duncan and Alyssa sat on a sofa looking at each other during a commitment ceremony

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What happened between Duncan and Alyssa on MAFS Australia?

Duncan and Alyssa hit it off on their wedding day, with Alyssa telling the cameras, "Duncan is absolutely my Prince Charming." Duncan said, "I felt fireworks."

But despite starting off strong, enjoying a smooth honeymoon and making good progress in intimacy week, the first cracks showed while the pair were at the retreat. 

Alyssa hinted she was annoyed at how little time Duncan was spending with her, instead opting to play tennis with the other grooms. She said: "I think this is the first conversation we've had today."

Confused, Duncan responded, "I thought you wanted to spend more time with the girls?" and, "If I'm not reading this right, tell me!" - leading to a heated argument.

Further tensions emerged at the final dinner party, when Alyssa shot down her husband after he was asked to reveal how he felt about her. He said: "I feel warm, I feel close. I love how you make me feel when it’s good."

Alyssa responded with: "When it’s good. Which is what, 56 per cent of the time."

To which Duncan said: "Yeah. … Even just then, I’m just describing some things about how I like about you and you just cut me down."

The experts weighed in on this situation, with John Aiken saying, "She wants him to be direct and he can’t be because she shoots him down."

Fellow expert Alessandra said, "And once again he can’t win. He can’t do something right. She’s putting him in the position to be the one who maybe rejects her so she can say it was him."

Where is Duncan James now?

Duncan has recently been linked to former Married at First Sight contestant Carolina Santos, after the pair were spotted flirting and holding hands.

Photos of the pair were taken in January - shortly after filming wrapped on this year's season - showing Duncan and Carolina having an intimate conversation while whispering into each other's ears.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle about the rumours, Carolina said: "It was kind of a club so it was really hard to hear each other and we obviously had to speak into each other’s ears. There’s nothing really more to it."

She added, "We had a little chat about the show and he was just telling me about how things went on his end and I was kind of explaining to him about what happened for me and how it's not exactly what you get to see on TV."

More recently, when Duncan appeared on Weekend Today, host Jayne Azzopardi asked, "Where’s Alyssa?"

He offered a cryptic response that has fuelled further rumours that the pair have gone separate ways, saying, "Where's Alyssa? Uh, probably down the road having a coffee. I'm not sure."

Where is Alyssa Barmonde now?

Much less is known about what Alyssa has been up to since appearing on Married At First Sight. While she has been posting plenty of screenshots from her MAFS journey on Instagram, there aren't any other posts on her page, apart from one photo of her posing with two friends in Sydney.

In a carousel post that showed Alyssa breaking down on the couch during one of the commitment ceremonies, she opened up about her struggles with anxiety, writing: "This is a bit of a longer post than usual, but I’m sharing this for everyone who can relate, for everyone who panics, who feels scared and sometimes very alone in their journey. Anxiety is something that’s part of me, but it’s not who I am. Living with an anxiety diagnosis for over 20 years is HARD."

She added: "Having a panic attack on the couch is something that happened to me a few times. But this time I wasn’t strong enough to manage it head on. I took time. Stepped away. Calmed myself down. And returned to a hard conversation."

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