Kate Middleton and Prince William named Prince Louis after the Royal Family's 'secret weapon' as they carried on a heartwarming royal tradition

The name has a bittersweet royal history

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis
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Kate Middleton and Prince William's youngest son Prince Louis was named after the Royal Family's 'secret weapon' as the parents carried on the royal tradition of using the name. 

Royal tradition is not something Prince William and Kate Middleton feel the need to adhere to too strictly. From ordering takeaways to their royal home, with curry being their 'go-to takeaway' as their children 'absolutely love it' to adopting an 'informal and fun' approach to raising their children, the couple are happy to deviate from tradition when it comes to family life and bringing up their children in a 'normal' environment

But there is at least one tradition they made sure to adhere to when it came to naming their youngest son Prince Louis who sits fourth in the royal line of succession.  

Naming a baby is a big task. There are so many to choose from; From unique baby names and cool baby names to cute baby names and baby names that have been popular for centuries. But when it comes to royal baby names, while there are a whole host of royal names inspired by the fictional world of Bridgerton, you want to pick something that's connected with a successful monarch that still feels modern and unique. 

Fortunately for William and Kate, history gave them the perfect inspiration for Louis' name. 

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis

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Before Princess Charlotte, who is now reportedly the ‘richest’ royal grandchild, earned the title of the Royal Family's secret weapon, someone else in the family held the prestigious title and he has left a long legacy within The Firm that goes beyond just Kate and William naming their youngest son after him.

Louis' namesake Lord Louis Mountbatten, a grandson of Queen Victoria, was an essential player within the Royal Family and is credited as being their 'secret weapon.'

After training at Royal Naval College in Osborne, Louis went on to have a life-long career in the Royal Navy, taking on important roles such as First Sea Lord, Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral of the Fleet and Chief of the Defence Staff. 

But while he was incredibly busy in the Navy, Louis still found time to do a little royal matchmaking. Widely credited as his most important act, Louis introduced his nephew, Prince Philip, to King George VI's daughter, the then Princess Elizabeth.

Lord Louis then served as a mentor for his godson, King Charles III, and created a very close bond with the monarch over his lifetime. The bond was so strong in fact, that Charles gave his first son and heir Prince William the middle name of Louis.

Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Charles

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Unfortunately, Louis lasting mark on the Royal Family was cemented by his untimely and tragic death. 

On August 27, 1979, Lord Louis was holidaying with his family in Northern Ireland when he decided to go lobster potting in the local harbour with several other people including his twin grandsons Nicholas and Timothy Knatchbull.

The night before their trip, the IRA had attached a radio-controlled bomb to his boat and detonated it while the group was aboard. He died of his injuries shortly after being pulled out of the water. 

Lord Mountbatten's funeral was held at Westminster Abbey and he is buried at Romsey Abbey in Hampshire, near his family home of Broadlands.

Three years after his death, King Charles honoured his memory by making one of Prince William's middle names 'Louis'. William and Kate Middleton carried on this tradition as they named their oldest son George Alexander Louis and gave their youngest son the same first name. 

Other royals have also used the name include Prince Edward, whose full name is Edward Antony Richard Louis, and Princess Anne boasts the name Louise as her fourth name. It is also believed that Edward's daughter Lady Louise Windsor is named after the late Lord Louis. 

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