Leftover beef recipes: 17 ways to use up leftover roast beef

Easy ways to use up leftover roast beef…
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  • From curry to a casserole, from pie to stroganoff, we’ve got lots of easy and delicious leftover beef recipes.

    Using up leftover beef couldn’t be simpler with our collection of inspiring leftover beef recipes. Whether you have meat leftover from Sunday lunch or a meal you’ve made, try one of our recipes below. You can easily transform leftovers into dinner or lunch.

    Of course, you don’t have to use leftovers straight away. Cooked, leftover beef can be stored in the fridge for 3-4 days. You can also refreeze cooked meat once as long as it’s been cooled completely before being stored in the freezer. Remember to make sure you defrost leftover beef in the fridge overnight before reheating.

    We’d recommend our beef stuffed peppers as another handy way to use up leftover roast beef. Our video recipe uses minced beef but you can use strips or chunks of beef instead. Just remember you won’t need to cook the meat as long as its already cooked but make sure its reheated until piping hot.

    See below for more inspiring leftover beef recipes to choose from…