Meals for one: The perfect dinners for family-free evenings

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  • Our meals for one are a delicious mixture of healthy, quick and tasty dinners that couldn't be easier to make.

    Meals for one

    When you’re used to a big crowd with the daily coming and going of a family, meals for one can sometimes be a tricky thing to motivate yourself to make. But when you next find yourself in the house alone and reaching for a bowl of cereal… stop, we’ve got much more exciting ideas to help you produce a tasty meal in minutes.

    Whatever you’re in the mood for our recipes for one are sure to hit the spot. They’re a collection of some classics, a few new cuisines and a handful of speedy, healthy plates.

    Some of our favourite meals for one come from celebrity fitness foodie Joe Wicks – also known as The Body Coach. His Lean in 15 recipes are really quick, but also really healthy. They focus on packing a big punch of flavour without having to use a huge list of ingredients and every utensil in the kitchen! From spicy prawns and potatoes to a naughty steak burrito, Joe understands flavour. Plus, he’s not afraid to use a little shortcut here and there which makes him our kind of cook.

    If you’re looking for something simple and filling from your meal for one then we think you can’t beat an egg. High in protein and rich in vitamin B2 these little bites are the perfect final flourish to most meals we think. Some of our favourite ways to serve them are included in this collection, like baked on top of a pizza, or packed and served up with avocado and a miso dressing – delicious.

    Finally, if your meal for one turns out to be a meal for more than one (thanks to kids, an unexpected arrival or cancelled plans) then there’s no need to worry. All our recipes are easy to serve up to more people – simply multiply the ingredients by the number of mouths you’ve got to feed.

    Ready to decide what you’re going to have for dinner tonight (or maybe tomorrow, if you’re a forward planner!) then?

    Click through our gallery of meals for one to explore the rest of our delicious, quick and healthy ideas…