The 12 most hated Christmas foods – and how to love them!

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  • Why not switch up your festive dishes this year?!

    We reveal the most hated Christmas foods – and how to love them! If you hate turkey and Brussels sprouts or Christmas pudding and mince pies, read on…

    Christmas is a time of indulgence, so why don’t you kick the diet to the curb and even scoff down the seasonal dishes you usually hate!

    Yup, after running a poll to find out the most hated Christmas food in the country, GoodtoKnow managed to uncover some of Britain’s least favourite festive plates.

    With some very surprising appearances in the list, we decided to give your Christmas dinner a spruce up with our very own tasty twist – read at the peril of your waistline!

    The most hated Christmas foods – and how to love them!

    12. Turkey

    For many, no festivities are complete without a turkey on the table. However, most Brits aren’t particularly found of the seasonal poultry – with many claiming it to be dry and under-flavoured.

    How to make better: It’s not all lost for the traditional turkey, it just needs a little love. First you need to know how to cook your turkey just right to get the meat nice and moist. Then you can add a tasty stuffing or try one of our ways to pimp your Christmas turkey.

    How to avoid altogether: You don’t HAVE to have turkey. We have lots of different Christmas turkey alternatives to choose from.