No-bake Christmas recipes for kids

Not sure how to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas period? We're here to help! All of these fun festive recipes require absolutely no baking - so they're completely safe for children.

christmas recipes kid friendly_cornflake_wreath

Not sure how to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas period? We're here to help! All of these fun festive recipes require absolutely no baking - so they're completely safe for children.

This collection of no-bake Christmas recipes for kids are so simple and easy that you only have to help them out a little bit - they can make most of these treats themselves!

Not sure how to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas (opens in new tab) period? We're here to help! All of these fun festive recipes require absolutely no baking - so they're completely safe for children.

Christmas is a great time to get the kids in the kitchen. The food is always fun and colourful - and you can teach them new skills along the way.

Our collection of no bake Christmas recipes for kids are fun, easy and taste delicious.

You also won't need to worry too much about supervision with these recipes either (unless they're really young) as they all avoid using the oven or hob. You might just have to assist them when it comes to melting chocolate in the microwave.

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First up are these Rudolph marshmallow decorations (above). You only need five ingredients to make these cute Rudolph marshmallow tree decorations. The kids are going to love dipping the marshmallows into the warm chocolate and giving each Rudolph googly eyes and a shiny red nose.

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Christmas Cornflake wreaths

The kids are going to love these Christmas Cornflake wreaths. They're really easy to make using Cornflakes, white chocolate and food colouring. Simple and delicious! Just make sure things don't get messy with the food colouring as it's tough to get out of clothes (and furniture)... You've been warned!

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Chocolate snowman truffles

christmas recipes kid friendly_snowman_truffle

This truffle mix is very simple to make, which means your kids won't have to wait long before they can start moulding snowmen and Christmas puddings with it. This recipe says to melt the chocolate on the hob, but you can melt in the microwave so you don't have to worry about the flames.

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Mince pie ice cream

Christmas recipes for kids

Mince pie ice cream? Don't mind if we do! The kids are going to love this creamy, festive dessert. All you need is vanilla custard, double cream, eight mince pies and a freezer - which will do all the hard work for you.

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Nutella truffles

christmas recipes kid friendly_nutella_truffles

Do the kids love Nutella? They're going to love these rich, Nutella-covered truffles. The kids can swap the hazelnuts for other treats like chocolate chips, sugar sprinkles or anything else they can get their hands on. You can pop them on a stick to turn them into fun truffle pops too - they'd be perfect for parties.

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Chocolate Digestive Christmas puddings

christmas recipes kid friendly_digestive_biscuit_pudding

Take your favourite, be it dark or milk chocolate Digestives and dip into melted white chocolate. Let the chocolate drizzle down the biscuit. Leave to set slightly whilst you make your fondant berries and holly leaves. Ta-dah! It’s that easy.

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Candy cane sledge decorations

christmas recipes kid friendly_candy_cane_sledges

Got a bag of Rice Krispie Squares in the cupboard? Make these simple treats but combining half a Rice Krispie Square with candy canes and sticking together with a little bit of icing sugar, easy peasy.

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No-bake raspberry chocolate cupcakes

christmas recipes kid friendly_no bake raspberry chocolate cupcakes

Yes, these really are no-bake cupcakes! This recipe uses ready-made Madeira cake and moulds the sponge into each cupcake case topping with a meringue-like mixture which sets in the fridge. The kids can finish each cupcake with fresh fruit or a naughty chocolate treat. Well, it is Christmas after all!

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Snowman cake pop decorations

Christmas recipes for kids

You can use ready-made Madeira cake for this recipe, use leftover cake or make the cake from scratch. Then all you need to do is mash the cake with a little buttercream and cover it with white chocolate candy melts. The kids are going to love adding character to each of the snowmen's faces.

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Chocolate covered ice cream balls

Christmas recipes for kids

These chocolate-covered ice cream balls are the perfect treat for dessert. Sprinkle each ball with sugar strands, chocolate chips or festive sprinkles for a fun Christmas twist. The kids can help you make these and they even work if you've got friends coming round for dinner!

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Christmas recipes for kids

Get the kids to make Christmas gifts for their teachers or the grandparents this year with this simple cookie mix in a jar recipe. It doesn't take much to make them and is a great way to teach your kids about measuring.

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Sweetie bauble decorations

christmas recipes kid friendly_sweetie baubles

What's not to love about these sweetie-covered Rice Krispies? Just mould a Rice Krispie Square into a ball, cover with white chocolate and pop on some jellied sweets. The kids are going to love them - especially when they get to display their edible artwork on the Christmas tree!

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Mars bar cakes

christmas recipes kid friendly_mars_bar_cake

If your kids love Mars bars they're going to really enjoy these cakes. You can assist with melting the chocolate and butter in a saucepan but the rest is up to them. You could mix it up by combining all the leftover chocs from a tin or a selection box.

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Marshmallow Christmas cones

christmas recipes kid friendly_marshmallow_cones

These hanging cones are super simple to make. Dip in chocolate, edible glitter and fill with your child's favourite treats and pop them on the Christmas tree. They'll be very proud of their mini masterpieces.

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Rocky road


Milk chocolate, white chocolate or even dark, why not make some delicious rocky road as a food gift this year? Just chuck your ingredients in a bowl, pour onto a tray and leave to set in the fridge - simple! In fact, these recipes are so easy that they make lovely projects to do with the kids - with the results making the perfect presents for teachers.

How to store/gift wrap: Store in a Tupperware box or on a tray covered in cling film in the fridge. Break or cut into chunks before giving as a gift and pop into a see through bag tie with a bow. Store in the fridge until its ready to be given.

Recipes to make:

Festive chocolate wafers

christmas recipes kid friendly_chocolate wafers

These chocolate wafers taste great and they’re a really easy dessert you can make with the kids too.

Get the recipe: Festive chocolate wafers

Magic rice krispie stars

christmas recipes kid friendly_rice krispie stars

Melted toffee, gooey marshmallows and plenty of Rice Krispies make up a rather large batch of these magical stars. The kids could mould them into any festive shape - like snowmen, presents or Christmas trees, but these stars fit perfectly on sticks, like festive fairy wands.

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Rice Krispies snowmen

christmas recipes kid friendly_Rice_Krispies _snowmen

Get your fingers sticky with this super cute recipe for Rice Krispies snowmen, which are so fun to make with the kids - with adorable results! Get the kids to shape them and decorate them as they like! You can buy icing pens in most supermarkets in the baking section.

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Oreo Christmas pudding pops

christmas recipes kid friendly_oreo_christmas_pudding

The kids are going to love these creative Oreo Christmas pudding pops. Each Oreo is covered in milk chocolate and white chocolate with a little fondant holly leave popped on top. Simple to make and delicious too!

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