Bake Off 2015: How to make chocolate soufflé and chocolate tarts at home

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  • Keep updated with all the latest and greatest The Great British Bake Off 2015 action. From teaser trailers to contestants, we’re so excited for this year’s Bake Off…

    Let the countdown to The Great British Bake Off begin! One of our favourite things about the end of the summer holidays, other than the kids going back to school of course, is the one and only Bake Off. Weeks and weeks of endless innuendos, cakes galore and not forgetting Paul Hollywood’s gorgeous face…

    Semi-finals: Chocolate

    Oh no. We can’t believe it’s the semi-finals. Our Bake Off filled Wednesday nights are nearly over! We must say, we’re in for a real treat this episode as the bakers make chocolate covered goodies.

    The signature sees the bakers make chocolate tarts (psst! Try our easy triple chocolate tart recipe – we dare you!) with a chocolate pastry base, layers of ganache and tempered chocolate.

    Next is the dreaded technical challenge, chocolate soufflé. Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said that she really enjoyed making this week’s challenge, especially with our easy recipe (pictured above!)

    Last but certainly not least is the showstopper round. The bakers have to make spectacular chocolate centrepieces. We cannot wait to see what they make!

    Episode eight: Patisserie

    Eek, it’s the dreaded Patisserie week and the bakers have some serious challenges in front of them. For the signature challenge, they have to make 24 (yes, 24!) cream horns. They sound tasty enough, but we reckon they’re going to be tough to make.

    Next up is the technical challenge. A Mary Berry choice of mokatines; delicate squares of light genoise sponge filled with coffee buttercream and then decorated with two types of icing.

    Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said luckily she’d made these before so had a bit of knowledge when baking them. If you’ve never heard of them before, it’s going to be tough. Let’s hope the bakers know what they’re doing.

    For the showstopper, the bakers have to make religieuse a l’ancienne. Three tiers of choux pastry eclairs filled with creme patissiere, beautifully iced and decorated with buttercream. Wow. Just WOW.

    Episode seven: Victorian

    If you’re a pie fan, you’re going to love this week’s signature challenge. The bakers are asked to make an impressive game pie packed with anything from pheasant to pigeon.

    Next on the baking list is a mysterious fruit cake with homemade marzipan, royal icing and all combined to look like a tennis court. Yes, we’re not kidding. Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said this week’s challenge took her 24hrs to make so she has no idea how the bakers will do it tonight!

    For the showstopper round, the bakers make Charlotte russe, a classic Victorian dessert with a bavarois centre surrounded by sponge fingers and topped with jelly. It sounds epic. Good luck to the bakers!

    Episode six: Pastry

    We can’t believe it’s week six already – where has the time gone?! This week’s signature challenge is all about tarting it up. The bakers are challenged with making franipane tarts made with a shortcrust pastry and filled with a smooth franigpane cream. Gimme!

    For the technical challenge the bakers are making flaounas. What are flaounas we hear you say? Well, they are a traditional cheese-filled pastry from Cyprus. Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said the week was hard but well worth the effort.

    The showstopper round is a classic 70’s canape, vol-au-vents. The bakers have certainly got a challenge on their hands. We wonder how they’ll cope under the pressure and the watchful eye of Paul Hollywood of course!

    Episode five: Alternative ingredients

    The signature challenge sees the bakers create a variety of sugar-free cakes including upside-down pineapple cake and carrot cakes galore. Oh, we do love a good cake – even if it is sugar-free!

    For the technical challenge the bakers have to make gluten-free pitta breads. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said the week was a strange one.

    ‘Although they did taste nice enough, I thought that the texture was quite crumbly. I certainly wouldn’t class this technical challenge as a success as only half of my pittas worked but I’m grateful that I managed a few pockets!’

    The showstopper could have ‘baked Alaska drama’ written all over it – dairy-free ice cream rolls. This Mary Berry recipe is certainly going to test the bakers time keeping skills and handy work with both sponge and ice cream. Our fingers are crossed for them.

    Episode four: Desserts

    Yes! It’s dessert week this week and we’d recommend rustling up a batch of brownies or a slice or two of cheesecake for the next viewing. This sickly sweet episode sees bakers make a French classic, creme brulee for the signature challenge.

    The dreaded technical challenge is a European medley – the Spanish Windtorte. Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said the week was a real tough one. Will the bakers feel the same about baking meringues, stacking them high and filling them with cream? There’s only one way to find out…

    In the showstopper round (our favourite!) the bakers are set the challenge of making not one, or two, but three baked cheesecakes. We cannot WAIT!

    Episode three: Bread

    Time flies when you’re having bun (see what we did there?!) Week three introduces a Paul Hollywood favourite, the bread round. Watch the bakers get kneady, learning the dough’s and don’t’s of baking with yeast. Ok, we’ll stop now.

    In the signature challenge the bakers have to make quick bread. From chocolate loaves to prosciutto stuffed bread, the bakers have only an hour and half to impress the judges.

    Next up is the dreaded technical challenge. Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said the week is a breeze. Will the bakers feel the same about baking baguettes?!

    The showstopper has our minds boggled – the bakers must make 3D bread sculptures. Yes, really! Mary and Paul have to munch on bread bicycles, snakes, flowers and more. We cannot wait to see what this episide has in store for us!

    Episode two: Biscuits

    It’s week two already of The Great British Bake Off and it’s time for some serious biscuit making! First up, the bakers have to make a batch of Italian classics, biscotti. This signature challenge is much harder than last week as the contestants have to make not just one biscotti, but 24!

    The technical challenge is MUCH harder this time too. Arlette biscuits are on the menu (no, we don’t know what they are either!). Our mummy blogger Anneliese is taking part in our #Bakealong, baking each technical challenge and she said it’s a really tough one this week! How will the bakers cope?!

    For the showstopper, the bakers have to make edible biscuit boxes filled with 36 biscuits of different flavours. Good luck to them all.

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    Episode one: Cake

    Looks like Mary and Paul are starting the bakers off on a nice one for the first episode of series six, cake!

    The bakers’ first signature challenge is to make a classic madeira cake – how hard can it be?

    Next up is the dreaded technical challenge where our contestants will be making a Mary Berry favourite, frosted walnut cake.

    And the showstopper? Well, of course it had to be another Mary Berry wonder (looks as though she’s had a big input in the first episode!) black forest gateau. Forks at the ready, it’s time for some serious cake porn. Mmmmm…

    Let the countdown begin!

    New trailer released, we repeat, new trailer released! It’s official. The Great British Bake Off is nearly here and we cannot wait to feast our eyes on the new contestants in action.

    We spy so many amazing bakes already – we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get baking along with the show too.

    It’s time to meet the contestants…

    Are you ready to meet this year’s batch of bakers? From a firefighter to photographer, from nurse to student, you’re going to love this year’s line up. See them all here.

    Finally – start date has been REVEALED

    Ah! It’s time to scream, shout and cancel all your plans for August! Yes, that’s right. The new series of the Bake Off has been confirmed for Wednesday 5th August at 8pm.

    The BBC announced the news earlier on today and Bake Off fans around the world began to celebrate. See GBBO’s Facebook page below…

    If that’s not enough of an excuse to pop open up a bottle of bubbly and celebrate tonight, we don’t know what is!

    First official GBBO TV trailer!

    Are you ready to laugh your socks off? Watch Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue in the latest Bake Off trailer the BBC have titled ‘The Hills are Alive with the Smell of Baking’

    This genius advert sees our favourite foursome smelling cakes and bread as well as Mary Berry dancing and prancing on top of a hill – just like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. It can’t get any better than this!

    Watch below…

    We cannot wait for The Great British Bake Off to be back on our screens shortly. Let the countdown begin!

    New teaser trailer released!

    News just in! The Great British Bake Off’s Facebook page have posted this short teaser trailer for the new series. We think (and ‘think’ being the keyword) it might be a teaser for a longer trailer for watch this space!

    New teaser trailer, we repeat, new teaser trailer for the Bake Off – watch below…

    BBC have released the first glimpse of The Great British Bake Off 2015, and now we’re really getting excited. Watch Mel in action below…

    The trailer was posted on GBBO’s Facebook page and has certainly got us Bake Off fans talking.

    The GBBO contestants

    We cannot wait for this year’s contestant line up – we bet it’s going to be bigger and better than previous years. Watch this space for regular updates and gossip on the new contestants.

    But whilst we sit and wait patiently to find out who is going to be baking in the big white tent this year, let’s reminisce over our favourite GBBO moments from last year’s clan

    1. Nancy being crownded the champion!

    Remember last year’s champion, Nancy? The sweet little lass beat Richard and Luis to the crown. It was a tough final but she was a well deserved winner.

    2. Richard and his ‘star baker’ Bake Off record

    Richard was crowned star baker five times in a row. We wonder if anyone will be able to beat that this year?

    3. Diana and the baked Alaska drama (too soon?!)

    Oh, now we all remember this dilemma. What a sad day it was for a certain baked Alaska and Ian too of course… Yes, it’s still too soon.

    4. Martha’s cute smile – and crazy baking talent

    We just couldn’t get enough of the youngest baker in the tent last year, Martha. This little talent was juggling exams and the stresses of GBBO – now that’s multi-tasking!

    5. Luis and his perfect puds (no pun intended!)

    Aw, we certainly had a soft spot for Luis and it wasn’t just because of his perfect puds. He was a great semi-finalist.

    The cakes and bakes galore

    Other than the contestants, the Bake Off is all about food glorious food. From pies to cake, from tarts to bread, there is just so much to make and bake we wouldn’t know where to start.

    If you’re in the mood for some serious baking now (we know we are!) roll up your sleeves and try some of these GBBO inspired bakes, go on!

    Get baking: GBBO inspired bakes to make at home

    Watch this space for more The Great British Bake Off 2015 updates and gossip!