Who is Ryan Reynolds married to and does he have kids?

Ryan Reynolds is the doting dad and husband we all need!

Who is Ryan Reynolds married to?
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Ryan Reynolds is far from a stay-at-home dad. If he's not leading his newest 'baby' Wrexham Football Club to victory with a return to the National League 2, he's spending time with his wife and kids, splitting his time living between New York and his new UK home.

And while the actor-turned football club manager and co-owner of Wrexham appears to be taking it all in his stride, he's off the market and there's an army of moms out there who are secretly wishing their other half was more Ryan - including Goodto.com's very own Family Editor Stephanie Lowe.

She gushed, "They are the Hollywood couple I aspire to be.... and by that I mean I wish I'd married Ryan Reynolds! The banter they have as a couple really is relationship goals, plus - and this may be down to Blake - he dresses so well, no 12-year-old A&F joggers-with-stains-on in sight."

And while we can try our very best to mould our other half 'to be more Ryan', by making them watch Deadpool on repeat, it might be a lot easier for us to become dupes of his wife Blake, waiting in the wings in case of a future Hollywood split... but we've got more chance of waiting on the sidelines of a future Wrexham game.

Aside from fans wondering is Rob McElhenney married? They're keen to know who is Ryan married to, how many kids does he have and what's his family life like? Here's all we know!

Who is Ryan Reynolds married to?

Ryan Reynolds is married to American actress Blake Lively. Born in Los Angeles, Blake takes after her actor father Ernie Lively, and made her debut in his directional project Sandman in which she played the role of Trixie, the Tooth Fairy.

Having got her big break as Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and went on to star in movies including Gossip Girl and The Shallows.

Who is Ryan Reynolds married to?

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Ryan is famed for trolling Blake by sharing unflattering photos of her every birthday - In nearly all of the photographs, she's caught off guard and can be seen blinking, pulling funny faces, or barely in the shot while her husband expertly poses for the camera. I know, could be classed as mean right, but there's just something about their relationship that appears to tick all the boxes - with humor being one of the most important traits.

And whilst many of us would freak out at the thought of an unfiltered post going round the school-mom's WhatsApp group, let alone the world, with his 51million followers, it does teach us something about them. Our Family Editor Stephanie said, "I think it shows how fun and strong their relationship is."

Blake previously revealed she can juggle childcare with keeping fit, after declaring that she used her daughters as weights during her 5am workouts - now that is dedication and a mom hack we can all try - even if you haven't got kids, there's always a stressed parent looking to off-load them for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

She announced in September last year that she was expecting their fourth child and when she's not trying to squeeze out every last bit of energy for a bit of 'me time', Blake was unapologetically too busy to attend the 2023 Met Gala as she was squeezing every last drop of breast milk to store for breastfeeding using her best breast pump.

She took to Instagram to share a selfie of herself pumping breast milk in a bathroom while dressed in a purple sweater and jeans. Her caption read, "First Monday in May," with breast milk GIFs, indicating that she was still participating in the event in her own way. 

Blake has been taking every opportunity to arm herself with the best mom-skills, even participating in a baby and toddler CPR class, which is more valuable than taking part in any bake sale.

She shared, "ALL MAMAS AND DADDIES OUT THERE-- I can't recommend this enough, I took a CPR class with with a focus on babies and toddlers. Google "infant CPR class near me" and you'll see lots of listings. For those of you who haven't done it, you will love it. It's so helpful by giving you knowledge, tools, and some peace of mind."

Does Ryan Reynolds have kids?

Yes, Ryan Reynolds has four children with wife Blake Lively - three daughters, James, eight, Inez, six, and Betty, three, plus their fourth child which they welcomed earlier this year, whose name and gender are yet to be shared.

Ryan encouraged fellow dads to 'do the diapers', telling them, "Just do the dirty work, man," he said. "You gotta do the diapers. You gotta do the middle of the night thing... A human being will exit your wife, so she's done enough. Just change the diapers and do all that stuff." 

Who is Ryan Reynolds married to?

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And it's quotes like this that make women go weak at the knees, Stephanie tells us; "A man who's not afraid to get stuck in, to be the partner, be the teammate without being asked. He's not another (man) child the mother has to look after. Pay attention men, you don't need the movie star looks or bank balance to get this bit right. And I bet he's got this wet wipe hack absolutely nailed."

Ryan has previously gushed about being a 'girl' dad rather than moaning about being outnumbered, he told Access, "I have three daughters, which I never in a million years would imagine. I come from all boys. I have three older brothers. So for me to have three daughters has been such a ride and I love every second of it."

But even the most doting dad can still be an embarrassing dad, and Ryan proved it was an accolade he is happy to take when his kids get older as he confessed that he's happy to take the flack should his daughter James, who is named after his father who died shortly after she was born, complains over her unisex baby name.

"It felt right. He got to see her, which makes me happy." and joked, "In the spectrum of weird celebrity baby names, I don't really feel like we're breaking new ground here. I didn't call her Summer Squash Meadowlark."

And he's not too cool for school to watch Disney movies with daughter Inez. He admitted, "She's super into villains," he shared. "We watch Beauty and the Beast and her favorite character is Gaston."

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