Is Seann Walsh in a relationship and what happened with his ex Rebecca Humphries?

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He’s due to enter the jungle, but Seann Walsh’s love life and relationship scandals are garnering as much interest as his descent into the I’m A Celeb camp.

I’m A Celeb 2022 is now well underway, with most camp members firmly ensconced in the jungle and ready to entertain audiences with their antics. Some however, are arriving later than others and comedian Seann Walsh is one of the later arrivals. The funny man has made headlines previously, with his complicated love life and questionable romantic decisions - these are being brought back into sharp focus with his arrival in the jungle. Read on as we delve into Seann Walsh’s current relationship status, and what exactly happened with his ex Rebecca Humphries that caused such an uproar.  

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Is Seann Walsh in a relationship?

Seann Walsh is currently in a relationship with dance teacher Grace Adderley. Seann, aged 36, has been with 30-year-old Grace since 2019.

Grace has been dancing since the age of 6, before training professionally from the age of 16. Her first job upon graduating from dance school was at Watford Palace Theatre in Jack and the Beanstalk, followed by travelling the world with her burgeoning dance career. This included performing in theatres in Turkey, to dancing in 16 films shot in India. She has also worked as a cruise ship dancer , and toured with a circus as a showgirl across America’s west coast. 

Now settled back in the UK, Grace teaches full time, having taught at secondary schools and dance schools. Along with a passion for choreography, her specialisms include Belly Dance, Bollywood, contemporary dance, Hip Hop, jazz, modern, and tap dance.

Does Seann Walsh have a child?

Seann Walsh is currently expecting his first child with Grace Adderley, announcing the pregnancy in October 2022. 

According to Metro, Seann broke news of the pregnancy during an Instagram live with a friend while he was in Lincolnshire - he was performing a show in Stamford while in the county. He said “I’m having a child”, with his friend confirming “So you’re gonna be a dad?”

Seann replied simply “yeah”, to which his friend joked “That’s worrying”. Seann's response to this was “Unbelievable. Everyone else has been really nice, that’s the worst response yet”. His friend clearly has children of his own, and followed up with a warning about the tough nature of parenthood, saying “You’re going to have a lot more worries”.

What happened with Seann Walsh’s ex Rebecca Humphries?

Seann Walsh was in a relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries, when he was pictured kissing Katya Jones. The two were paired together in Strictly Come Dancing at the time, and Katya was married to fellow dancer Neil Jones. 

Seann was accused of gaslighting Rebecca Humhpries, who had voiced concerns he and Katya Jones were becoming very close. Humphries later spoke to Jada Pinkett Smith for her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk. She asserted she knew “something was off” about Seann’s friendship with Katya but, when questioning him about it, he called her “psycho”. 

Actress Rebecca Humphries

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Later, on Rebecca’s 32nd birthday, Seann ended up on a drunken night out with Katya instead and the pair shared a kiss. Unbeknown to the two of them, photographers had captured the moment, and it was about to leak to the tabloids. When Seann had spent her birthday elsewhere, Rebecca again confronted him about Katya, where he said ‘If you saw the two of us together, you would see we’re just friends and you would be able to see what a psychopath you are”. Again, Rebecca chose to believe him.

However, everything changed when she saw the pictures of Seann and Katya kissing and realised her suspicions had been correct after all. She told Pinkett Smith “I’m telling you, I will never, ever forget that moment. I described it as like a photocopier, this white light just went all the way through my body when he told me. And I just went, ‘Oh’. And my face just lit up because I was right, and if I was right about that, what else had I been right about?”

She added “I say that gaslighting feels like tiny poison arrows and you don’t notice them, they’re so light, but what they do is they inject poison into your body until poison is just pumping around your veins and you don’t even know”. She spoke about previously forgiving Seann for a drunken misdemeanour, and that there had been numerous other occasions he’d dismissed her suspicions and accused her of remembering events wrongly. Rebecca ended their five year relationship immediately.

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When did Seann kiss Katya?

Seann Walsh kissed Katya Jones on October 3rd, 2018. Girlfriend Rebecca Humhpries was at home waiting for him to return and share a birthday meal with her.

When Rebecca found out about Seann cheating, she wrote a letter about the incident, shared in a tweet. The tweet went viral, and caused an uproar. Beginning the letter “Hello there, My name is Rebecca Humhpries and I am not a victim”, she went on to outline how she had been waiting for Seann to return from his drink with Katya and spend some time with her, and how he aggressively referred to her sorrow as her being nuts, psycho, and mental.

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She urged women to follow their instincts and not be gaslighted by the men in their lives, arguing their need for control comes from a place of vulnerability. She thanked those supporting her at a difficult time, and was sure to let Seann know she was taking custody of their cat. Katya, who was married to dancer Neil Jones at the time of the incident, gave their relationship another go after the captured kiss. However, a while afterwards the pair split and eventually divorced. 

Dancers Katya Jones and Neil Jones performing

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Are Katya and Neil Jones still friends?

Despite Katya’s actions, she and Neil Jones remain both dance partners and friends.

As well as performing together, Neil regularly comments on his former wife’s Instagram account. According to Metro, Katya shared a video to Instagram of her having a mock argument with Neil in the street, where he responds by zipping her coat right over her head and saying “That’s better!”

Katya captioned the post “How to solve a disagreement! Every dance partner/husband wishes for this coat!” However, Neil was quick to point out in the comments “You mean ex husband” followed by a series of laughing emojis and showing just how good their platonic relationship remains. Katya also celebrated Neil’s 40th birthday on the platform, saying how blessed she was to know him and share so many wonderful moments with him.

The pair had been together for 11 years, and said in a statement when they split “‘After 11 years, we have made the mutual decision to separate. We will always love each other, just in a different way as friends. This will never change what a great team we make and we are really proud of everything we have achieved together. Our shared love of dance means we will keep working and dancing together as well as exploring individual projects. No matter what we do we will always support and respect each other”.

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