What did Hugh Grant say to Ashley Graham at the Oscars?

Hugh Grant and Ashley Graham's awkward Oscars moment has gone viral

What did Hugh Grant say to Ashley Graham at the Oscars?
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The Oscars didn't disappoint with its annual evening of glitz and glamour but aside from Rihanna's pregnancy outfits - for which she had three costume changes - everyone's talking about a very awkward red carpet encounter with fans asking what did Hugh Grant say to Ashley Graham?

The model-turned presenter was hosting the red carpet arrivals at the 95th Academy Awards for ABC's Oscars pre-show, interviewing stars as they arrived to celebrate the best movies and film from the past year.

With Will Smith banned from the Oscars for 10 years following last years' Chris Rock slap, and Everything Everywhere All At Once sweeping the floor with seven gongs, one actor appeared to be less than happy to be interviewed, as we look at the awkward exchange between Love Actually star Hugh Grant and Ashley Graham...

What did Hugh Grant say to Ashley Graham at the Oscars?

Here's what Hugh Grant said to Ashley Graham at the Oscars when he started by keeping his answers brief...

Ashley: "Hugh Grant, you are a veteran of the Oscars and you've been here a few times, what's your favourite thing about coming to the Oscars?

Hugh: "Ummm...well, it's fascinating, the whole of humanity is here. It's Vanity Fair. 

A: "Oh yeah it's all about Vanity Fair, that's where we let loose and have a bit of fun. What are you most excited to see tonight?

H: "To see?"

A: "I know you've probably watched a few of the movies, so are you excited to see anybody win, do you have your hopes up for anyone? 

H: "No one in particular"

A: "Oh okay, what are you wearing tonight then?"

H: "Er just my suit." 

A: "Your suit? You didn't make it.."

H: "Erm I can't remember my tailor."

A: "That's ok shout out to the tailor, so what does it feel like to be in Glass Onion? it's such an amazing film, I really loved it, i love a thriller, how fun is it to shoot something like that?

H: "Well I'm barely in it, I'm in it for about three seconds."

A: "Yeah but still, you showed up and you had fun right?"

H: "Er almost"

A: "Oh okay....alright...thank you so much, it was nice to talk to you."

And as Ashley handed back to the studio Hugh, who is married to Anna Eberstein, could be seen doing an eye roll.

If you missed the exchange, you can watch it on the clip below...

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How have fans reacted to Hugh Grant's Oscars interview?

The majority of fans have called Hugh Grant's Oscars interview 'awkward'.

One fan tweeted, "Ashley Graham definitely needs an award for interviewing Hugh Grant has been. How rude. Even eye rolled as he was walking away."

Another fan wrote, "Wow Hugh Grant really put Ashley Graham in her place…which is asking questions on the red carpet at the Oscars. What a jerk."

And a third fan added, "Ashley Graham NAILED this interview when Hugh Grant gave her literally nothing. If you don’t want to do press or interviews, then just go to the ceremony or stay home."

Meanwhile, a Hugh Grant supporter defended the criticisms, and tweeted, "In some ways it’s rather reassuring to perceive that Britain hasn’t entirely turned into the US, culturally - As demonstrated by reactions to the Hugh Grant/Ashley Graham interview (Americans think he was being rude, British people know he was just not being fake)."

And another supporter added, "The amount of people outraged at Hugh’s Oscars interview with Ashley Graham just goes to show yet again that America just doesn’t get the British sense of humour. We’re a droll, sarcastic bunch."

When it comes to cringy moments, Hugh Grant previously revealed his most cringe Love Actually filming moment, and it involved his character dancing around 10 Downing Street to The Pointer Sister's 'Jump (For My Love).

And for anyone who would like a reminder of that iconic scene a clip is below...

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