Easter biscuits: 16 of the best Easter biscuit recipes to make this year

Creme Egg cookies
This recipe uses mini Creme Eggs

Our roundup of the best Easter biscuits includes Creme Egg cookies, spiced Easter biscuits, and Mini Egg cookies. Easter is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen.

"Biscuits are such a great choice for baking over the Easter weekend, whether you’re looking for something to do with the kids, or setting yourself a challenge," says Recipe Editor and Chef, Octavia Lillywhite (opens in new tab). "They’re really simple to make - almost foolproof in fact. But then you can be as intricate and impressive as you like when it comes to the decoration. Flood icing, where you ice a delicate line around the edge of the biscuits to form an outline, then ‘flood’ in the centre to create a beautifully smooth finish, is a great skill to master."

She continues; "‘The most traditional Easter biscuits are probably spiced ones with currants in. The spices were traditionally said to represent those used on Christ’s body after the crucifixion. And since Easter falls in early spring, dried fruits like currants were an easy way of sweetening bakes, at a time of year when fresh fruit wasn’t readily available. They are probably my first choice to have with a coffee over the weekend."

Biscuits make the perfect Easter gifts for kids (opens in new tab) and adults. Wrap in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon before gifting. They’re also a great choice for making with kids as you can often make a large batch in one go. Easter biscuits are a great choice too as they can be made in advance, ideal if you’re short on time come the Easter weekend. Highlights from this collection include traditional Easter food (opens in new tab); spiced biscuits as well as one of our favourite Creme Egg recipes (opens in new tab).

Best Easter biscuits 2022

Spiced Easter cookies

It takes just five easy steps to make these delicious biscuits

1. Spiced Easter biscuits

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 36-48 | Total time: 45 mins

These buttery bunny biscuits have a similar flavour to hot cross buns so will make sure you're in the Easter spirit while you have your afternoon treat. Make these a welcome change to all that chocolate you'll have in the house at Easter. You could change the shapes of these biscuits too as the mixture holds its shape really well. Get the recipe: Spiced Easter biscuits (opens in new tab)

Creme Egg cookies

This recipe uses mini Creme Eggs

2. Creme Egg cookies

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 8 | Total time: 20 mins

If you love Creme Egg you really must whip up a batch of these gooey brownie cookies topped with melting Creme Eggs. They're really easy to make and taste delicious. "‘Not everyone loves the sugary sweetness of Creme Eggs, but Mini Caramel Eggs are a great alternative here. The caramel softens in the oven and becomes extra gooey. Just make sure to really push the egg halves down into the dough so they keep some of their structural integrity and the caramel doesn’t just roll off onto your tray," says Octavia.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg cookies (opens in new tab)

Spring meadow biscuits

Just 112 calories per biscuit

3. Spring meadow biscuits

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 24 | Total time: 50 mins

With all the pretty flowers around at Easter time, we can't resist making our baking look as gorgeous as them. This recipe shows how to get perfect results in just a few easy steps so even if you're not a baking pro you'll have an impressive batch of biscuits in a jiffy. These make lovely gifts when wrapped in pastel tissue paper and ribbon.

"The handsome little biscuits are the perfect size for gifting. Arrange them flat in a small, shallow gift box on a layer of yellow tissue paper, or pack more in as we’ve done here. You can buy cardboard eggs online, or for an even more personalised version, buy ready-to-colour treat boxes that the kids can decorate for you," says Octavia. Get the recipe: Spring meadow biscuits (opens in new tab)

easter biscuits: chunky mini egg cookies

It takes just five ingredients to make these cookies

4. Mini Egg cookies

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 8-10 | Total time: 30 mins

Although these chocolate Mini Egg cookies can be made at any time of the year, they’re especially appropriate at Easter. Decorated with mini eggs, they’re a great way to use up any leftover Easter chocolate as well (if there are any!).

Get the recipe: Mini Egg cookies (opens in new tab)

marshmallow biscuits

It takes just four ingredients to make these biscuits

5. Marshmallow sandwiches

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 10 | Total time: 25 mins

Looking for a fun and indulgent treat to make with the kids while they're off school? We think these will go down a treat. This recipe is by Choccywoccydoodah who knows a thing or two about making the most of chocolate - what could be more perfect for Easter? You could serve these gooey marshmallow sandwiches up for a film-night treat.

Get the recipe: Marshmallow sandwich (opens in new tab)

easter biscuits: easter bunny biscuit recipe

Ready in just four easy steps

6. Easter bunny biscuits

Skill level: Easy| Makes: 12 | Total time: 25 mins

This Easter bunny biscuit recipe might look basic, but sometimes the best things in life are simple – like these biscuits! In delightful Easter bunny shapes, they’re perfect to give as a gift as they won’t fall apart when being transported. Or whip them up on a quiet afternoon and treat the family.

Get the recipe: Easter bunny biscuits

Easter egg biscuits

A great one for making with the kids

7. Easter egg biscuits

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 10 | Total time: 35 mins

You couldn't have Easter without egg-shaped biscuits. Made with golden caster sugar, delicious spices, and sweet vanilla, these simple biscuits are the best way we know to celebrate Easter. Have fun with the kids (or even by yourself) coming up with colourful and creative patterns to decorate your biscuit eggs with.

Get the recipe: Easter egg biscuits (opens in new tab)

Whip these bunnies up in just four steps

8. Easter bunny cookies

Skill level: Medium | Makes: 6 | Total time: 45 mins

Get creative with those biscuit cutters and make Easter bunnies with the kids these holidays. You can make these into egg shapes or even chick shapes if you’re feeling creative. "This is one of my favourite Easter recipes - the caramelly, rustic flavour of the biscuits, combined with the twang of lemon curd in the icing is just divine. I can’t get through the long weekend without a batch of these on hand," says Octavia.

Get the recipe: Easter bunny cookies (opens in new tab)

sprinkle biscuits

This recipe would work just as well with milk or dark chocolate

9. Jazzy shortbread biscuits

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 14 | Total time: 50 mins

These colourful biscuits by our mummy blogger, Anneliese, have been designed especially to make with little ones, including all the steps they can do themselves. With all the pretty pastel colours of spring, these will look great on your Easter tea table. Made from buttery shortbread, white chocolate, and sprinkles, they are real crowd pleasers.

Get the recipe: Jazzy shortbread biscuits (opens in new tab)

Homemade Viennese biscuits

Just 101 calories per biscuit

10. Chocolate-dipped Viennese finger biscuits

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 26 | Total time: 25 mins

A touch more chocolate won’t hurt, will it? These classic biscuits are delicious at any time of the year but are especially good for using up any leftover Easter eggs you might have hanging around. From start to finish, these little beauties take just 25 minutes so can be whipped up with hardly any trouble at all, beware though – they won’t last long either!

Octavia adds; "Biscuits tend to be a snack, rather than a pudding but these are great for serving up with coffees at the end of a meal. I like to leave them undipped, then serve a little bowl of melted chocolate with them for people to dip their own in - a bit like Spanish churros."

Get the recipe: Chocolate-dipped Viennese finger biscuits (opens in new tab)

Low-sugar chocolate chip cookies

These cookies are made with almond milk and flaxseeds

11. Low-sugar chocolate chip cookies

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 16 | Total time: 32 mins

We know at Easter sometimes there can be a whole lot of chocolate in the house so you might fancy something with a little less sugar while still treating yourself. These chocolate chip cookies are rich and delicious, made with almond milk, natural sweetener instead of sugar, and fragrant vanilla extract.

Get the recipe: Low-sugar chocolate chip cookies (opens in new tab)

Vanilla cookies

These biscuits are great for making different shapes
(Image credit: TI Media Limited)

12. Vanilla cookies

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 15-25 | Total time: 25 mins

These biscuits are melt-in-the-mouth with a subtle hint of vanilla to make them a really delicious homemade snack. They hold their shape perfectly; making them ideal to make into whatever you fancy - think bunnies, carrots and Easter eggs. Once you've mastered the cookies you can decorate them with pretty colours to make them look as good as they taste.

Get the recipe: Vanilla cookies (opens in new tab)

Kirstie Allsopp’s Easter biscuits

Watch Kirstie's step-by-step video

13. Kirstie Allsopp's Easter egg cookies

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 20 | Total time: 50 mins

Have fun in the holidays with the kids making these simple biscuits from crafty Kirstie Allsopp. With mixed spice, zesty lemon and a buttery crunch, these little biscuits have all the classic Easter flavours. Kids will love decorating whatever shape you come up with, from bunnies and flowers to Easter eggs and carrots - let your imagination run wild.

Get the recipe: Kirstie Allsopp's Easter egg cookies (opens in new tab)

Lemon shortbread rabbits

These speedy Easter biscuits are ready in just four steps
(Image credit: TI Media Limited)

14. Easter lemon shortbread

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 8-12 | Total time: 1hr 20 mins

Sharp lemon zest gives these biscuits a fresh edge, the ideal thing for spring time when everything is starting to become brighter. You could make a batch of these for the kids and then let them go wild with the decoration, just put out little bowls of Smarties, icing and sprinkles and see what they come up with.

Get the recipe: Easter lemon shortbread (opens in new tab)

easter biscuits: creme egg white chocolate rocky road

A great one for making with the kids

15. Creme Egg rocky road

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 9-12 | Total time: 20 mins

There’s nothing messier, stickier, and more delicious than these crème egg white chocolate rocky road biscuits. They’re so delicious and sweet, that you’ll struggle to stop yourself from eating them all in one go. If you’re not a fan of white chocolate, no worries! Just swap for milk or dark, whatever takes your fancy.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg rocky road (opens in new tab)

Vanilla Easter biscuits

Transform these cookies into chicks, lambs and more
(Image credit: TI Media Limited)

16. Easter sugar cookies

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 20-30 | Total time: 40 mins

Get the kids involved in making these delicious vanilla Easter biscuits. Learn how to make your own Easter chicks, bunnies, and lambs. Octavia adds; "This recipe makes a good big batch of around 30 biscuits. It’s ideal if you’ve got lots of people coming and going over Easter. They have a pretty long shelf life too - they’ll last the whole long weekend (if they don’t get eaten before then). If you are worried they won’t all get eaten, split the dough in half and freeze one for another day."

Get the recipe: Easter sugar cookies (opens in new tab)

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