Easter biscuits

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  • This collection of Easter biscuits will get you into the holiday spirit with ideas for everything from buttery bunny biscuits to Easter nests.

    These Easter biscuit recipes are sure to inspire you this spring and spark a new dose of kitchen creativity. After all, Easter is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. There are so many ideas around for some delicious baking – like this selection of sweet Easter-themed biscuits.

    The perfect choice for a treat after Easter lunch, we’ve got so many biscuit ideas to choose from. From simple chunky Mini Egg cookies – great for if you’ve got limited ingredients but plenty of chocolate – to more complex recipes like super-indulgent Creme Egg white chocolate rocky roads.

    Or if you prefer something a little simpler, we’ve got the recipe for basic Easter bunny biscuits which only require a couple of ingredients and some spices. Perfect if you’re looking for a fun Easter activity while they’re at home from school. The simple Easter biscuits are so easily customisable. You can just kick back with a cup of tea on Easter Sunday, while your little one fires up the piping bag and gets icing the biscuits in all their favourite colours.

    These Easter biscuits, especially the more indulgent ones like the Creme Egg cookies are just the right thing if you’re in need of an Easter dessert, as you won’t need too many to get your fill of sweet treats. And that’s before the Easter eggs come out!

    Our favourite Easter biscuits