Prince Harry's 'insecurity' revealed by Body Language expert

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex watch awkward throwback clip of Meghan hesitate before choosing Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix Docuseries
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Prince Harry's 'insecurity' has been revealed by a body language expert who gives us his exclusive analysis from the first part of the Netflix docuseries.

Prince Harry is said to be showing signs of 'insecurity' as he watches a throwback clip of Meghan struggling to choose between him and Prince William, a body language expert has revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released the first three episodes of their Harry & Meghan Netflix douc-series (opens in new tab)  following the controversial trailer (opens in new tab), and during the first 10-minutes of episode one, the Prince and his wife Meghan are faced with watching an awkward throwback clip of Meghan, pre-Harry. 

In the clip, recorded back in October 2015, when Meghan attended a Dove Self-Esteem Workshop in Toronto, Meghan was asked a series of rapid fire questions - one of which involved choosing between Princes William and Harry! 

Speaking on behalf of Slingo (opens in new tab), about the body language between Harry and Meghan after seeing how she responded, expert Darren Stanton explains, "It was interesting to see that when the two were interviewed in the documentary, Harry had his arm around Megan."

Prince Harry asks Meghan, "do you remember?", to which she replies ,"no". 

Darren continues, "As the couple watched the clip together, Megan seemed playful and began teasing Harry. Even though Harry knew she was teasing, he took his arm from around her, and shuffled away from her a tiny bit. This was a clear indication of slight insecurity." 

In the throwback clip below, when asked, "Prince William or Prince Harry" Meghan replied, "I don't know" and the interviewer laughed and replied, "Harry" to which Meghan said, "Harry?! Sure."

And upon watching the clip together, Harry repeats Meghan's "sure" before Meghan asks "What year was that?" as she struggles to recall the moment.

"Less than a year..." Harry notes to which Meghan finishes "before we met?"

"Honey I'm sorry, I of course choose you" to which Harry sarcastically replied, "Oh okay, great!"

Darren continued, "As they proceeded to watch the clip and Meghan chose Harry, he began to laugh. His body language changed at that point to show a genuine expression of happiness, as his whole face was engaged." 

And added, "He clearly didn’t take the clip seriously, however he did initially show a sudden shift in posture by withdrawing his arm and body next to her momentarily, before returning back to the original position. At that moment, he did feel slightly uncomfortable.”

Harry finishes by saying "It just again shows how little you knew and look how far we've come."

Harry & Meghan, episodes 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now. Episodes 4-6 air on 15th December.

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