9 unfortunate cakes that ended up looking like penises

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  • We’ll be honest – there’s not much that makes us chuckle quite like a really great cake fail – and these cakes that look like penises are just brilliant.

    From cake decorators who spectacularly misunderstood their instructions, to professionals whose creations aren’t quite as perfect as one might expect, comical images just seem to be so much funnier in cake form. (Hey, there’s a reason we’re all suckers for a good Bake Off innuendo, right?)

    And of course, there’s nothing that makes grown-ups giggle more than a rude-shaped cake springing up in some unexpected places (particularly if those places happen to be kids’ birthday parties… yep, we’re that mum struggling to stifle our laughter in the corner, sorry!)

    In the spirit of sharing, we’ve rounded up some of the best cake cock-ups of all time – and trust us, they’ll make you feel MUCH better about your own kitchen skills…

    Cakes that look like penises:

    1. This poor unicorn

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    Well it’s certainly magical, but probably not in the way they expected…

    2. This first-class blunder…

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    We know numbers are tricky for some, but this really takes the cake.

    3. These towering turrets….

    Image: Cake Wrecks
    Definitely not a castle we’d be letting our little princes and princesses get anywhere near!

    4. …and these rather risqué rockets

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    Ready for lift off?

    5. The force is strong with this one…

    Image: Cake Wrecks
    The word lightsaber just took on a whole new meaning.

    6. This questionable mallow cake…

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    Not just one penis, but as many as they could possibly stick on the cake. Hilarious.

    7. This all-American penis-on-a-plate…

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    We imagine there were some questions at this turkey day dinner.

    8. This EPIC Peppa number

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    We’ll never look at the Pig family in the same way again!

    9. And this fab tool, so you need never have a cock-free cake again

    Image: Reddit/Imgur
    A fine kitchen investment, we’re sure you’ll agree.

    Got a hilarious penis-themed cake disaster you want to share with us? Get in touch in the comment section below!