Hotel Chocolat Black Friday deals 2021! Amazon have slashed the prices on these luxury chocolates

Black Friday Hotel Chocolate deals
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Black Friday has come early at Amazon - especially for chocolate lovers! Right now you can find Hotel Chocolat selection boxes for incredible prices. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gifts included in the Black Friday deals, look no further than Amazon.

Right now, you can find great savings on the best chocolate hampers (opens in new tab), Christmas food gifts (opens in new tab) and even a mega deal on 1kg of Lindt chocolate truffles (opens in new tab).  

But the deal that has really got us in the festive spirit is Amazon’s deals on Hotel Chocolat selection boxes.

You can find all your favourites, on sale and in the perfect gift selection boxes. Ideal to give away or to treat yourself. 

Included in the deals are the H-box selections and the large Sleekster boxes, in every classic flavour from Milk to Caramel and even limited edition festive flavours.

Hotel Chocolat Black Friday deals:

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Luxe - £36.50 £30.49 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
This delicious box is the ultimate treat that will keep you going till New Year.Inside, you get a selection of 39 pralines, caramels and boozy truffle chocolates all in adorable festive shapes - like Christmas trees and a large chocolate wreath. This is one of the biggest selection boxes Hotel Chocolate offer and will definitely go down a treat, whether you buy it as a gift or for the family to share.
Hotel Chocolat Christmas Sleekster - £23.50  £19.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
A slightly smaller selection box than the luxe, inside you, get 30 heavenly, festive pralines, caramels and truffles. The flavours include Mulled Wine, Treacle Tart and even Christmas Mess.
Hotel Chocolat Wreath Box -£40 | £33.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Anyone who gets this goodie box for Christmas Day is very lucky indeed! Inside is an assortment of all the festive classics like Nutcracker, Cinnamon Roll, and White Christmas. You also get a Chocolate Wreath and two chocolate snowflakes, all for a bargain price.

If you're a lover of the iconic Hotel Chocolate flavours, you can find everything from the Tipsy Truffles to the Everything collection in both H-Box and Sleekster sizes - all discounted.

So you'll be able to find something for everyone on your Xmas shopping list!

Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box - £13.50 | £10.99 | Amazon
The smaller H-Boxes offer an assortment of 14 chocolates, in all the iconic 'Everything' collection flavours.
Hotel Chocolat Everything Sleekster - £23.50 | £19.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
This box includes all the classic, fan favourites like Eton Mess, Billionaire's Shortbread, Pitaschio, Champagne Truffles. Like the Christmas Sleekster, you get a variety of 30 chocolate to enjoy.
Hotel Chocolat, Milk to Caramel H-Box - £13.50 | £11.49 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
For all the caramel lovers out there, the Milk to Caramel H-Box has a range of mouthwatering chocolate and caramel flavoured pralines. You get one of each flavour including the Milk Baton, Salted Caramel Brownie and so many more. These boxes are really perfect for those who don't like fruity or dark chocolates.
Hotel Chocolat, Milk to Caramel Sleekster  - £23.50 | £17.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
This box means you get twice as many of each flavour as the H-Box, meaning there's lots to share and more of a chance you'll get one to swipe a few of your favourites. There won't be a single one left in the box by Boxing Day.
Hotel Chocolat, Tipsy Truffle H-Box - £13.50 |£11.49 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
It's not Christmas without a few boozy truffles which makes this box all the more appropriate. Inside you get a Gin truffle, Mojito truffle, and even a Caramel Expresso Martini truffle!
Hotel Chocolat, Tipsy Truffle Sleekster - £23.50 | £19.49 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
In the larger Sleekster box, you get three of every flavour, perfect for whiskey, champagne and gin fans and to share around the adults on Christmas Day

If you're feeling extra generous you can also find hampers in the Hotel Chocolat Black Friday sale that even come in a gift box - so no wrapping required!

The hamper features everything from the Everything H-box to individual bars and chocolates.

Hotel Chocolate Chocolate Hamper - £40 | £33.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
This decadent hamper includes Salted caramel chocolate puddles, 40% salted caramel chocolates, the Everything H-box, 70% dark chocolate slab selector, cacao breakfast etiolate and classic hot chocolate flakes.

Any of these boxes would be perfect as a gift, and don't forget the fan-favourite Velvitiser which is also available at Amazon!

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