Tasty meals under 300 calories the whole family will love

Meals under 300 calories are perfect if you're on a calorie-controlled diet, like the 5:2 diet.
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  • Our meals under 300 calories are ideal if you’re on a calorie-controlled diet, like the 5:2 diet, when you have to be conscious of all the calories you consume throughout the day.

    These tasty low calorie meals are definitely not low in flavour thanks to a handful of low calorie ingredients such as herbs, spices and seasonings. These dishes prove that you can eat delicious meals and still be healthy.

    Plus, they’re so good that the rest of the family will enjoy them too, so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out and can enjoy the same lunches and dinners as everyone else.

    It’s best to try and eat as balanced a diet as possible so our recipes are full of vegetables and filling grains and carbs.