Amazon Prime day baby essentials - all the kit worth stocking up on today

Today's the last chance to bag some Amazon Prime Day baby essentials - we've found some great bargains on all the everyday things you need with a baby in the house.

Amazon Prime day baby essentials - all the kit worth stocking up on today
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Having a baby can be expensive but becoming a parent doesn't have to cost a fortune. With some careful budgeting and savvy spending, it's possible to gather up the kit you need for a newborn - without breaking the bank. 

Amazon Prime Day is a prime (sorry...) opportunity to save some cash on the daily essentials that you can't do without when there's a little one in your life. 

We've rounded up our pick of the Amazon prime day baby essentials that we recommend stocking up on today - before Prime Day ends and prices go back to normal for another year.

Nappies in bulk

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Mama Bear Nappies WAS £21.49 now £11.72

Did you know that Amazon do their own brand of nappies? You do now! Prime Day is the perfect way to save some cash on baby essentials like nappies, wipes and baby toiletries, and there's a whopping 45% off these Disney-themed nappies.

Baby wipes... also in bulk

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Water Wipes, WAS £21.99 now £16.50 

It's no surprise that Water Wipes are an Amazon best-seller - they contain just 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract so they're ideal for delicate newborn skin.  

Baby socks

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LA Active Grip Ankle Socks, WAS £11.99 now £9.49 - £15.99, £8.99 

Are you spotting a theme here?! Baby socks are one of those bits of baby kit that, no matter how many pairs you buy, you never seem to have enough. And it's mind-boggling how quickly baby feet grow, so stock the sock drawer now with the next size up ready for a growth spurt.

A nappy bin

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Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Bin Starter Set, WAS £42.99 now £28.59 

A nappy bin isn't an exciting purchase but it is an essential one and there's no point paying full price when you can snap this one up with a tidy saving. 

Spare baby bottles and teats

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Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Baby Bottles, WAS £19.99 now £7.99

If you're bottle-feeding, stocking up on a few spare bottles and teats in the next rate of flow makes sense on Prime day.  And if you're breastfeeding or expecting a baby, having the cupboard stashed with bottles ready for expressing is a good move.

A milk dispenser and snack container

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Bebamour Formula Dispenser, WAS £12.59 now £10.07

We love this cute formula milk dispenser - and the fact that it doubles as a snack container! it's also cleverly designed so that you can accurately control the amount of formula in each spoonful. A must-have for bottle-feeding mums.

An electric sterilizer for cleaning bottles fast

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Tommee Tippee Advanced Steri-Dry Electric Steriliser and Dryer, WAS £89.99 now £49.50 

Another must-have item for bottle-feeding mums and dads, this electric sterilizer fared well when we put it to the test for our guide to the best sterilizers, and there's a cracking 55% off for Amazon Prime Day.

Muslin squares

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Bamboo Baby Muslins, WAS £24 now £19.20

Like bibs, muslin squares are must-haves for new mums and dads. Whether you use them to mop up milk dribbles or as a swaddle blanket or tummy-time mat, you literally can't have enough of the things. These bamboo ones would also make a lovely new baby gift. 

Baby bibs

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Cheeky Chompers Baby Bibs, was £12.99 now £10.39

Any new parent knows that you can never have too many bibs in the house. Save 20% on this two-pack for Prime Day and get the bib drawer restocked.

Skincare oil for post-partum skin

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, was £22.99 £12.09 

Treat your post-partum skin to this cult oil, famed for its effects on the appearance of stretch marks. (Not that we think there's anything wrong with stretchmarks - we wear ours with pride!) But a little light massage with this lovely oil probably wouldn't go amiss.

Moisturiser for dry, sensitive baby skin

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Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser was £9.60 now £6.38 

Speaking of cult skincare products, this mildly fragranced baby moisturiser from Childs Farm is a hit with mums everywhere. It's suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including newborns and babies with eczema. It's not cheap but it is effective so this is a deal worth taking advantage of.  

The gentlest baby wash and shampoo

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Green People Organic Babies Lavender Baby Wash & Shampoo

We're big fans of this delicious-smelling baby wash and shampoo so we'll definitely be replenishing our supply with this brilliant Prime Day saving. 

A video baby monitor that won't break the bank

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HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, was £74.99 now £59.48 

A monitor is a must-have for bringing peace of mind to new parents. And this video baby monitor is proof that you don't have to spend a fortune on baby gear, since it has racked up plenty of great feedback from Amazon customers - 71% of reviewers have given it the full 5 stars. 

A toddler-friendly tablet

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Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, was £139.99 now £59.99 

This is far and away our top pick of the best kids' tablets - and we've had a play with most of them. Prime Day is the only day to buy it when the savings are cracking. Perfect to pop away for a surprise at Christmas.

A portable white noise machine

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Fisher-Price CGN86 Hippo Plush Projection Soother,  was £26.99 now £13.39

A portable white noise machine has made it onto this list of baby gear essentials worth stocking up on because we're all agreed that white noise is a life-saver when you're a sleep-deprived parent with a sleepless baby. If you're lucky enough not to need it, this one can double as a comforter and night light for your baby.

A pram you'll love to push

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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus, was £695.00 now £500 

We're not joking when we say we call it Pram Day in the office - Amazon Prime Day is without doubt the best day of the year to get your hands on a pram or pushchair for a bargain price. if your budget can stretch to this Bugaboo travel system, we can promise you won't regret it.

A lightweight stroller

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Graco TraveLite Pushchair/Stroller, was £70.00 now £54.99 

Today's the day to snap up a lightweight travel buggy. You might think you'll never use such a thing but the day will come when your tiny baby will be a heavy, strapping toddler and you'll wish you'd bought a lightweight, nippy set of wheels to pop away for later...

A portable mobile for naps on the go

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Tiny Love Black and White Take-Along Mobile, was £29.99 now £19.99 

A version of this came everywhere with me when my children were small - it kept them occupied everywhere from the queue at the doctor's to on the bus. Best of all, it seemed to signal sleep time and came in handy for getting them to take a quick buggy nap on busy days;

An insulated mug

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HiKupa Insulated Travel Mug with Lid,  was £19.00 now £13.59

Sometimes only your fave bone-china mug will do, of course, but it's well worth treating yourself to an insulated travel mug to keep your tea or coffee warm when you have a new baby in the house.  This one is pretty and practical.

A baby sling for bonding

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Baby Sling, was £49.99 now £23.96

Baby slings and carriers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and working out which one is right for you takes time and thought. But a handy sling that you can easily pop on in the house when your baby is fractious is essential - and great for bonding.

A soothing night light

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Tommee Tippee GroEgg2 was £28.99 now £16.19

This is a brilliant price for the ever-popular Digital Room Thermometer from Tommee Tippee which changes colour to indicate the temperature of the room so you can adapt your child’s clothing or bedding accordingly. And it's USB powered so no need to fork out on batteries. 

Heidi Scrimgeour
Heidi Scrimgeour

As a parenting specialist, Heidi has written for Prima Baby, Gurgle and Practical Parenting and was baby gear editor of Mother & Baby magazine for six years, looking after regular consumer features for the shopping pages as well as specialist consumer content such as buying guides and gift guides.