Savoury pancakes

Pancakes aren't just for dessert! Why not combine them with your favourite meals to make savoury pancakes? Macaroni cheese, sausage and mash, fish finger sandwiches - you'll be surprised how many meals you can make with pancakes!

A recipe for Savoury pancakes using cheese and broccoli.
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Pancake Day is only once a year so we think it's perfectly fine to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Savoury pancakes are a delicious alternative to the classic lemon and sugar option on Pancake Day (opens in new tab) but we also love eating these recipes for lunch (opens in new tab) and dinner (opens in new tab) throughout the year too!

You can't beat a classic pancake recipe (opens in new tab) but sometimes you just fancy something a little bit different. Savoury pancakes are our go-to, especially if it's pancakes for dinner!

You may think it's only Shrove Tuesday (opens in new tab) when you can get away with eating pancakes for an evening meal, but these recipes prove otherwise. These savoury pancake recipes are a filling and delicious option for lunch or dinner for the whole family.

While there are lots of tasty pancake fillings (opens in new tab) out there, we love that these pancakes incorporate our favourite classic dinners in pancake form!

Pancake batter (opens in new tab) is surprisingly easy to adapt so you can add in lots of different ingredients that will turn them into a fun dinner accompaniment.

Savoury pancakes

Cheese pancakes with cheese sauce and broccoli

Savoury pancakes with cheese sauce and broccoli

Delicious savoury pancakes are taken to the next level with double cheese (opens in new tab) (yes, that's in the pancake AND in the filling) with some nutritious broccoli for balance.

GET THE RECIPE: Cheese pancakes with cheese sauce and broccoli

Macaroni cheese pancakes

Savoury macaroni cheese pancake

The pairing of these two American classics sounds a little bizarre but once you bite into the thick pancakes with the crispy cheese topping, you'll be hooked!

GET THE RECIPE: Macaroni cheese pancakes

Savoury pancake recipes perfect for dinner

Sweetcorn and spring onion pancakes

Savoury pancakes with Sweetcorn and spring onion.

Sweetcorn and spring onion pancakes are quick and easy (opens in new tab) to make but full of punchy flavours, making the perfect Pancake Day dinner. These savoury pancakes are ready in just 20 minutes, with miso paste and fresh chilli. Plus, it's a delicious way to eat more veg!

GET THE RECIPE: Sweet corn and spring onion pancakes


Savoury pancake recipe with cheese and tomato.

THIS is what happens when you cross pancakes with classic Mexican (opens in new tab) enchiladas (opens in new tab) - and it's seriously good! Each pancake is wrapped around tender chicken, roasted peppers and a spicy tomato sauce.

GET THE RECIPE: Panchiladas


Savoury pancake recipe for pork escallopes.

This is an ingenious way to use pancake batter! It's an easy spin on the German (opens in new tab) classic, schnitzel (opens in new tab) - but this uses pancake batter to coat tender pork escalopes, served with chopped gherkins, banana shallots and watercress.

GET THE RECIPE: Schnitzcake

Sausage and mash potato pancakes

Savoury pancakes with sausage and mash.

Sausage and mash (opens in new tab) is the ultimate comfort food and it's more likely than not that Pancake Day is going to be a chilly one! Potato pancakes are wonderfully fluffy creations (and a great way to use up leftover mash), they'll transform your usual dish into a fun treat. A thick gravy (opens in new tab) acts almost like a sandwich spread in our easy recipe.

GET THE RECIPE: Sausage and mash potato pancakes

Fish finger pancakes

Savoury pancakes with fish fingers.

Fish finger sandwiches (opens in new tab) are a old school classic that never fails to please. Replace the usual bread with pea pancakes and watch people's faces light up! The usual tartare sauce (opens in new tab) and gherkin fillings brings lots of tangy flavour to your pancakes.

GET THE RECIPE: Fish finger pancakes

Crispy duck pancakes

OK, not strictly pancakes as we know them on Pancake Day, but still a fantastic dinner idea. You can put your crepes and American-style pancakes (opens in new tab) aside for this as you'll need ready-made Chinese (opens in new tab) pancakes instead. Rolled with tender duck, greens and hoisin sauce, this is a savoury pancakes recipe everyone loves.

GET THE RECIPE: Crispy duck pancakes

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