Low carb recipes: Lighter meals that will help you lose weight

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  • Whoever said that a low carb diet has to be boring?

    Take a look at the taste-bud tantalising low carb recipes below to discover simple food swaps that will also help you eat a more vibrant and varied diet.

    Low carb recipes make for great lighter meal options, which help cut down on carbohydrates and calories.

    Not only will following these recipes have you feeling great on the inside, they’ll also help you lose weight effortlessly.

    Carbs, or carbohydrates, make up a variety of different foods including bread, pasta or even fruit. Some carbs offer a slow release of energy, while others, often those full of sugar or starch, provide quick hits of energy, which can make them pretty addictive.

    We’re not saying ditch the carbs completely, we’re just saying that if you want to watch what you eat, carbs are a great place to start. Some carb-containing foods are good for the body, such as some fruit and vegetables, but others like bread or rice can leave us feeling rather bloated.

    By replacing these carbs with a more high protein diet, you’ll feel like you’ve been given a new lease of energy that will see you through from breakfast to bedtime – time to wave goodbye to that mid-day slump!

    Weight loss diets such as The Ketogenic Diet require those following the eating plans to reduce the number of carbs they eat each day in order to see results. These low carb recipes provide some great meal ideas if you’re following a low carb diet.

    Scroll down to see our favourite low carb recipes! Discover new dinner ideas like baked mushrooms with goats’ cheese, served with a light salad to make a delicious low carb meal, or why not go for a Thai chicken curry that’s packed with chunky vegetables or perhaps try a butternut squash and spinach tortilla, which is filling but made without potatoes.

    Low carb recipes to help you lose weight

    1. Mashed peas and spinach with grilled tuna

    low carb recipes

    Mashed peas and spinach with grilled tuna is an eye catching low-carb dinner that’s packed with healthy fats.

    Get the recipe: Mashed peas and spinach with grilled tuna


    2. Fish and Broccoli Traybake

    Low carb recipes

    A fish and broccoli tray bake is a simple midweek meal that will feed the whole family. You can serve with potatoes to make this a heartier dish, but if you’re looking for a low carb dinner option then it’s perfect just as it is.

    Get the recipe: Fish and broccoli tray bake


    3. Cauliflower steaks with anchovy and lemon butter

    Low carb recipes

    Cauliflower steaks are an eye catching and impressive low carb main meal.

    Get the recipe: Cauliflower steaks with anchovy and lemon butter


    4. Persian-style vegetable casserole

    Make a Persian-style vegetable casserole packed with vegetables and with just a little giant couscous to make it more filling.

    Get the recipe: Persian-style vegetable casserole


    5. Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

    Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

    This delicious Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans is ready in just 25 minutes and packed fiull of vitamins.

    Get the recipe: Thai chicken curry


    6. Carrot ribbon spaghetti

    Carrot ribbon spaghetti

    This recipe gives a simple spaghetti recipe a healthy little twist by using carrot ribbons. You could go that one step further and swap the spaghetti for courgette ribbons too.

    Get the recipe: Carrot ribbon spaghetti


    7. Chicken miso soup

    Delicious chicken miso soup is made with tender chicken breast, mushrooms and miso paste for a healthy and filling meal.

    Get the recipe: Chicken miso soup


    8. Gordon Ramsay’s chilli beef lettuce wraps

    These chilli beef lettuce wraps are a fancy treat, perfect for serving up when you’ve got friends popping over for dinner. This recipe cleverly swaps the usual wraps for a piece of lettuce. The protein-packed filling will keep you nice and full all evening.

    Get the recipe: Gordon Ramsay’s chilli beef lettuce wraps


    9. Butternut squash and spinach tortilla

    Give tortilla a healthy makeover by swapping potatoes for butternut squash and adding spinach for extra nutrients. It’s so easy to make, ready in just 30 minutes and with just 199 calories per serving.

    Get the recipe: Butternut squash and spinach tortilla


    10. Pesto chicken with aubergine, tomatoes and olives

    Not only is the chicken in this recipe bursting with flavour, it’s packed full of protein too which is guaranteed to keep you fuller for longer. The aubergine and roast tomato combo helps bulk this dish up so you won’t miss your usual carbs.

    Get the recipe: Pesto chicken with aubergine, tomatoes and olives


    11. Winter vegetable and bacon soup

    This hearty vegetable soup is filling enough to have for dinner thanks to the protein-packed bacon and shredded cabbage. You can choose whichever veggies you like to add to this flavoursome soup, just make sure you avoid those potatoes!

    Get the recipe: Winter vegetable and bacon soup


    12. Lamb with squash, walnuts and sage

    The tender chunks of lamb in this bake will keep your mind off those carb cravings. This dish swaps potato for butternut squash instead which has only 12g of carbohydrates per 100g portion in comparison to potatoes which have 17g of carbohydrates per 100g portion – every little helps!

    Get the recipe: Lamb with squash, walnuts and sage


    13. Mediterranean aubergines

    Mediterranean aubergines

    This delicious Mediterranean-style dish swaps the tortilla wraps (like
    in a classic enchilada recipe) for thin slices of aubergine instead. The
    dense texture of the aubergine makes up for the fact that there’s
    hardly any carbs in this dish. Top with cheese and remember – the
    stronger the cheese, the less you’ll need!

    Get the recipe: Mediterranean aubergines


    14. Tortilla pizza

    This recipe swaps that carb-packed pizza base for a flour tortilla instead. Tortillas are much lower in carbohydrates than pizza dough and lighter too, so you won’t get that uncomfortable bloating feeling. Top with your favourite veggies and meat for added protein.

    Get the recipe: Tortilla pizza


    15. Mexican tortilla lasagne

    Mexican tortilla lasagne

    Layers of rich tomato sauce, tender minced beef and a sprinkling of cheese, what’s not to love? This family-sized meal swaps lasagne sheets for tortilla wraps instead. Tortilla wraps have 25g (yes, 25g!) less carbonhydrates per 100g portion than pasta, so step away from those lasagne sheets!

    Get the recipe: Mexican tortilla lasagne


    16. Carrot and coriander soup

    Carrot and coriander soup

    This simple carrot and coriander soup recipe is quick and easy to make, with only 102 calories per serving.

    Get the recipe: Carrot and coriander soup


    17. Slimming World’s spicy vegetable chilli

    Slimming World spicy vegetable chilli

    Spicy homemade chilli sauce, tender chunks of Quorn mince and homemade guacamole, there’s so much going on in this dish, you’re bound to forget all about that portion of rice or chunk of bread you often serve with your bowl of chilli.

    Get the recipe: Slimming World’s spicy vegetable chilli


    18. Sea bass with squash

    Swap the mashed potato for butternut squash instead. It’s still considered a carb, but contains 5g less carbohydrates per 100g portion than potato. The tender fillet of sea bass and sweet burst of flavour that you get from the peas will keep you satisfied.

    Get the recipe: Sea bass with squash


    19. Spicy chorizo and prawn pastaSpicy chorizo and prawn pasta

    433 cals/10g fat per portion
    Ready in just 30 mins, this flavour-packed spicy chorizo and prawn pasta is sure to become a family favourite. Made with smokey chorizo pieces, tender king prawns and a rich tomato sauce, this delicious pasta dish is best served fresh.
    Get the recipe: Spicy chorizo and prawn pasta


    20. Spain: PaellaClassic paella

    Seafood? Check! Rice? Check! Chorizo, paprika and saffron? Check! If you’ve got all of these ingredients in your kitchen, you’re well on the way to a delicious bowl of Spanish paella. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine the sounds of the sea and the sand beneath your feet.

    Get the recipe: Paella


    21. Sweet potato wedges

    sweet potato wedges

    Sweet potato wedges are a lovely way to switch up your go-to dinner sides. Because they’re lower in carbs than regular potatoes, and have a higher Vitamin A and fibre count, they will top up your essential vitamin supplies while keeping you feeling full and your body nourished.

    Get the recipe: Sweet potato wedges


    22. Beetroot chicken salad with fennel, orange and lentils

    beetroot chicken

    This beetroot chicken salad is bright, colourful and packed with flavour. It’s a healthy and balanced dish that’s perfect for those on a low carb diet, and is still filling enough to leave you feeling satisfied.

    Get the recipe: Beetroot chicken salad with fennel, orange and lentils


    23. Mary Berry’s king prawn and broccoli stir-fry with black bean sauce

    Mary Berry Quick Cooking king prawn stir fry

    Mary Berry’s quick cooking king prawn and broccoli stir-fry with black bean sauce takes just 8 minutes to cook and can be on the table in under 20 minutes. It’s a great alternative to ordering from the takeaway and can be served on its own for a low-carb option or with rice or noodles.

    Get the recipe: Mary Berry’s king prawn and broccoli stir-fry with black bean sauce


    24. Slimming World’s chilli and cauliflower rice

    Slimming World's chilli and cauliflower rice

    This Slimming World chilli and cauliflower rice is easy to make, and healthy and satisfying to eat making it the perfect mid-week supper that will please the whole family!

    Get the recipe: Slimming World’s chilli and cauliflower rice


    25. Joe Wicks’ halloumi fries

    Joe Wicks' halloumi fries

    Joe Wicks’ halloumi fries make a delicious snack or turn them into dinner by serving with a tasty salad. This recipe is low in carbs and high in flavour!

    Get the recipe: Joe Wicks’ halloumi fries


    26. Cloud bread

    Heard of cloud bread? This low-carb bread is made with eggs, cream cheese, a pinch of salt and cream of tartar, with no flour or grains – making it light and fluffy, just like a cloud! It’s well worth the effort if you’re trying to cut carbs but miss bread!

    Get the recipe: Cloud bread