Have a great value family picnic!

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  • At the first glimpse of sunshine, we Brits love to grab a basket and head out for a traditional picnic. You don’t need to waste a second trying to work out what to pack – just head to Tesco and pick up these Everyday Value items that will satisfy everyone and provide the perfect picnic meal on a budget, whether you are catering for a family of 4 or a big picnic of 8+.

    First, you need to buy the basics – and don’t forget there will be plenty left over for another picnic later in the summer!

    Tesco Value Forks 25pk, £0.45 Tesco Value Spoons 25pk, £0.45 Tesco Value Knives 25pk, £0.45 Paper plates Tesco Value 50pk paper plates, £1 Plastic cups Tesco Value Plastic Cups 25pk, £0.59 Tesco Value Napkins 33Cm 100pk, £0.48
    Total cost: £3.42.

    Then make a huge pasta salad with cooked penne, cubed cheese, cubed tomatoes, tuna, mayonnaise and basil. Remember to leave some cheese and tomato over for sandwiches.

    Pasta salad ingredients:
    Everyday Value Tuna Chunks in Brine 185g £0.54 Everyday Value Mild White Cheese Small £1.77 Tomatoes Everyday Value Tomatoes 500g £0.75 Everyday Value Penne 500g £0.30 Everyday Value Mayonnaise 500ml £0.48 Fresh basil 31g £0.80
    Total cost: £4.64

    Method: Cook penne as per instructions on bag. Wait for it to cool. Add cubed tomatoes, cubed cheese and tuna chunks and tablespoons of mayonnaise to taste. Sprinkle with fresh basil.

    Family of 4, buy 1 pack of 12 Everyday Value white rolls £0.35 Big picnic, buy 2 packs of 12 Everyday Value white rolls = £0.70

    Sandwich fillings:
    Everyday Value Eggs 6 £0.85 Everyday Value Ham and Beef paste 75g £0.32 Everyday Value Cooked Ham 125g £0.61 Everyday Value Soft Cheese 200g £0.50 Everyday Value Sweet Pickle 290g £0.24

    These could make the following fillings (also including items left over from pasta salad and lettuce), Egg mayonnaise, cheese and coleslaw, cheese and pickle, cheese and tomato, cheese and ham, ham and lettuce and tomato, egg and tomato, soft cheese and tomato, soft cheese and ham, ham and beef paste.

    Total sandwich cost for a family of 4, £2.87

    Total sandwich cost for big picnic, £3.22

    Snacks (choose sausage rolls for family picnic, both for big picnic):
    Everyday Value 8 Pack Sausage Rolls 432G £1.12 Everyday Value 12 Mini Savoury Eggs 240g £0.83
    Total snacks for a family: £1.12

    Total snacks for a big picnic: £1.95

    For coleslaw and potato salad, buy it if you’re doing a family picnic, make it if you’re doing a big picnic.


    Buy it: Everyday Value Coleslaw 250g £0.20 or 500g, £0.39
    Make it:

    Coleslaw ingredients:
    Everyday Value Low Fat Natural Yogurt 500g £0.55 Everyday Value Carrots £1 Everyday value cabbage £0.69 Everyday value brown onions 2kg £1.17
    (Plus mayonnaise from pasta salad)
    Total: £3.41

    Method: Mix together 1/2 cabbage grated, 6tbs Natural yogurt, 4tbs mayonnaise, 2 carrots grated, 1/2 onion finely chopped or grated.

    Potato salad

    Buy it: Potato salad Everyday Value Potato Salad £0.28 for 250g x 2 = £0.56
    Make it:
    Tesco Salad Onions Bunch, £0.67 Everyday Value white potatoes 2.5kg, £0.89 Chives 30g, £0.80
    (Plus mayonnaise from pasta salad)
    Method: Dice and boil potatoes until soft. Finely chop spring onions. Mix together with tablespoons of mayonnaise to taste. Sprinkle with chopped chives.
    Total: £2.36

    Everyday Value Orange Juice 1 litre with screw top so you don’t spill it and you can take home any leftovers! £0.62 x 2 = £1.24 for family, £0.62 x 4 for big picnic.

    Lettuce Everyday Value Round Lettuce, £0.57

    Fruit for dessert
    Grapes Everyday Value Grapes 500g Punnet, £0.98 Apples Everyday Value Apple Pack, £0.68
    Total: £1.66

    Family picnic:

    Essentials: £3.42
    Food total: £13.05 which works out at £3.26 a head, with plenty of leftovers!

    Big picnic (8+):

    Essentials: £3.42.
    Food total: £21.95, which works out at £2.74 a head for a feast!

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