Duchess Catherine and Prince William are ‘determined to find the palace mole’

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  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are determined to find out who it is from their inner circle that’s sharing royal secrets

    It’s fair to say that, up until recent times, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have accepted being written about as part of their jobs. But it seems William and Kate have had enough – and are determined to find out who is leaking secrets from the Palace.

    A source tells Woman, ‘They’re appalled that someone or some people very close to them are clearly leaking from within their inner circle, and feel strongly that they have to hunt them down and forcibly kick whomever it is to the curb.’

    It comes after the couple were said to be suing Tatler, after it published an article discussing Kate’s weight and pitting her against sister-in-law the Duchess of Sussex.

    Hitting back

    In an unusual move from them, Kate and William, both 38, were quick to issue a statement about its ‘Catherine the Great’ cover – and are even reportedly suing the publication after it published a ‘string of lies’ about Meghan.

    Slamming claims that Kate is feeling ‘exhausted and trapped’ following Meghan and Prince Harry quitting royal life, Kensington Palace said, ‘This story contains a swathe of inaccuracies and false misrepresentations which were not put to Kensington Palace prior to publication.’

    And now they’re determined to make sure that their private life stays just that. Our insider says, ‘It’s especially galling to have such negative claims being made at what’s already a highly sensitive time for the monarchy, which is a big reason why they’re prepared to take legal action.

    But it’s as much about rooting out who the rats are and holding them accountable as much as anything else.’

    Family first

    There’s no denying that it’s been a testing couple of years for the British Royal Family.

    As well as Harry and Meghan’s controversial decision to step back as senior royals, Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has also drawn unwanted attention.

    And we’re told that Kate and William want to rid the Palace of ‘moles’ for good.

    ‘This is not being done because Kate and William have anything to hide,’ our source explains. ‘Rather, they find it just as appalling that the Royals as a whole are being disrespected and snitched on, and it’s already a time of great sensitivity within the monarchy.

    ‘The last thing the family needs is to feel that their confidential information is in danger of being circulated into the wrong hands.

    ‘By taking this stand, Kate and William are sticking up for the Queen, Prince Charles and everyone else in the Firm for that matter.’

    Red herrings

    It’s a popular tactic among public figures and it looks like Kate and William – parents to Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and two-year-old Prince Louis – are going to be taking a leaf out of Coleen ‘Wagatha Christie’ Rooney’s book.

    Woman understands the Duke and Duchess are planning to drop some red herrings – or false stories – to see which ones end up becoming public knowledge.

    Our insider adds, ‘They’re going about it discreetly but diligently, working with their aides to set certain traps in some cases – red herrings, if you like – to see what comes out where after they’ve planted certain stuff with prime suspects.

    ‘They’re also gently interrogating certain members of staff and reminding them in no uncertain terms that what they see behind closed doors must stay confidential at all costs, and encouraging anyone who has information about those who are leaking to come forward with it.’