Roast dinner for under £7

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  • Here at goodtoknow, we think one of the best bits of the weekend is sitting down with your family and having a Sunday Roast.

    But the costs really can add up – and so we’ve found a way to do a Sunday Roast for just £6.79 for a family of 4. That’s just £1.70 each!

    We’ve suggested alternatives too, to help you get the best value for your money.

    The main course

    It just takes juicy meat, crispy roasties, yorkshire pud, stuffing, 2 veg and some gravy to make a truly delicious roast.


    Tesco Everyday Value Chicken – 1.78kg for £3.68

    Swap for: Chicken is the cheapest, but you could also opt for Everyday Value Roast Pork Shoulder for £4.19 for 1.4kg, or £6.90 for a 1.2kg Everyday Value Beef Roasting Joint.


    Tesco Everyday Value New Potatoes – 1kg for 59p

    Swap for: If you prefer bigger roasties or you’d rather make mash, get a 2.5kg bag of Tesco White Potatoes for just £1.35.


    Tesco Everyday Value Peas – 900g for 90p and Tesco Carrots – 1kg for 78p

    Swap for: A brocolli for 97p or a cauliflower for £1.


    Tesco Everyday Value Yorkshire Puddings (frozen) – 15 for 49p, Tesco Everyday Value Sage & Onion Stuffing – 85g for 15p and Tesco Everyday Value Gravy Granules – 200g for 20p

    Swap for: You can make your own Yorkshire Puddings if you prefer. You’ll probably have lots of the ingredients already in your cupboards, but even starting from scratch you’ll only need plain flour (52p for 1.5kg), eggs (85p for 6) and milk (49p for 1 pint), which totals £1.86.

    The total cost of your main course: £6.79

    The dessert

    If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cheap dessert, look no further than Tesco’s Everyday Value Vanilla Cheesecake for £1.78 or Everyday Value Cheesecake for the amazing bargain of just 98p!

    The leftovers

    You’ll have some leftovers from your dinner, so make sure they don’t go to waste and you’ll save money on some more of the week’s meals too. Here’s some ideas for leftovers:

    * Chicken – make into chicken soup or add into a curry or risotto.
    * Potatoes – cook some spinach and turn into bubble and squeak.
    * Brocolli and cauliflower – turn into brocolli cheese and cauliflower cheese
    * Peas – these peas are such great value you’ll have heaps over – make pea soup, chuck them into other dishes like risottos, shepherd’s pie and so on. Or just save them for your next roast.
    * Carrots – add some other veg and make vegetable wraps
    * Yorkshire puddings and stuffing – we doubt there’ll be any of these left, but if there are you can eat them cold as a cheeky snack.
    * Gravy granules – Save for your next roast

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