Supermarket steals: The best budget versions of expensive food products

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  • Whoever said that a delicious steak and a bottle of red wine needed to break the bank? We’ve rounded up some of the best supermarket steals that are usually out of our price range.

    While everyone loves a taste of luxury, the price tag isn’t always so palatable. But what if we told you that you could buy a steak currently being sold for up to £90 in London restaurants for just £8 in your local supermarket? And to top it off we’ve found an award-winning bottle of red wine for less than £5 to accompany it too – yes, really!

    It’s time to treat yourselves and your family without blowing the weekly food shopping budget.

    Sounds too good to be true? Read on and thank us later…

    Aldi’s Wagyu burgers, £2.99

    No BBQ is complete without a burger, and they’re about to get a whole lot fancier thanks to these bargain Wagyu beef burgers from Aldi. Wagyu is famously the most expensive meat in the world, so budget supermarket Aldi’s offering of two chunky burgers for £2.99 is big news. To put that price into context, if you visited The Bar at The Dorchester in London you’d be paying £29 for a single one!

    Asda La Mondea Reserva Malbec, £4.37

    On sale for under a fiver, you would be forgiven for bypassing this bottle of Malbec but not before you learn that Decanter have awarded it best bottle of red under £15. That’s girls’ night sorted then!

    Morrisons’ Cava Brut Vintage, £7

    Described by The Quality Drink Awards as ‘fabulous’ and tasting like ‘New York cheesecake in a bottle’, we think it would be wrong not to pair it with a slice of cheesecake itself? This £7 Cava tastes better than its expensive counter part.

    Morrisons’ London Dry Gin, £10.43

    Rated higher than the British favourite Gordon’s in a blind taste test by Which?, Morrisons’ gin is not only a fraction of the price but ideal for those summer days when only a G&T will cut it.

    Aldi 8oz Wagyu Steak, £7.29

    Why not treat the man in your life to a prime cut of Wagyu beef from New Zealand? That’s the world’s most expensive, tender and juiciest steak for just £7.29! It would cost around £80 more than this if you ate it in a restaurant!

    Warning: Bound to be in high demand, Aldi have limited the number of steaks per shopper to just two so get there while you can!

    M&S Colinas Del Itata Old Vine Field Blend 2014, £10

    Awarded platinum by Decanter in the best white blend category, M&S have got us looking for any old excuse to open a bottle and celebrate. It’s only £10 which is pretty good for M&S prices – it’s worth every penny.

    Have you tried any budget supermarket versions of expensive foods? Comment below!

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