Save Money Good Food: All you need to know about tonight’s episode

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  • Susanna Reid has joined chef Matt Tebbutt for a new series of ITV’s Save Money, helping families cook cheap and healthy meals for under £5.

    In Save Money: Good Food, the Good Morning Britain host offers tips on how to shop for food on a budget, without compromising on quality or taste.

    Alongside chef Matt Tebbutt, the pair spend time with a different family each week, helping them save money by making wiser choices on their weekly shop and showing them how to cook no-nonsense meals that can feed the whole family for less than a fiver.

    Across eight episodes, Save Money: Good Food gives viewers cooking advice as well as money-saving tips that are based on consumer research into the challenges real families face when it comes to their food budgets.

    According to ITV, 92 per cent of people have no idea what their weekly food bill is, despite food being the biggest weekly household expense.

    Talking about her new show, Susana said: ‘It’s a challenge families face daily, thinking up the week’s food menu and how to make them continually interesting whilst shopping within a budget. Matt is a great cook and I’m delighted to be working with him.’

    Chef Matt Tebbutt on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

    You might recognise Matt Tebbutt, who hosts the show alongside Susanna, from shows like The Food Unwrapped and Drop Down Menu. He’s also been recently announced as the new regular host of Saturday Kitchen, replacing James Martin.

    ‘I love to inspire people to cook, healthy, affordable and tasty food. I am really excited to be getting creative with Susanna and helping people cook easy everyday dishes for the whole family to enjoy’, Matt said of the new show.

    What food will Susana and Matt be making on the show?

    Throughout the series Susana and Matt will be on a mission to make tasty, affordable meals with minimum waste. There will be reinvented family classics, quick supper ideas and plenty of sweet treats too!

    All Save Money: Good Food recipes will be available in the Save Money: Good Food cookbook, which was published on 6th April.

    Save Money: Good Food episode 1 recipes

    All the Save Money: Good Food recipes in episode one could be whipped up by spending only a fiver. These included sweet and sour pork, mushroom risotto, a delicious toad in the hole recipe with caramelised onion gravy and lamb curry.

    Matt and Susana also showed us how to make delicious desserts for less than £5, like bread and butter pudding, churros and banana and chocolate banana bread.

    Save Money: Good Food episode 2 recipes

    As we get closer to Easter Matt and Susana will be helping another family plan out an indulgent weekend’s worth of recipes that cost around £2 per head. Holidays and celebrations often tip us all over our weekly budget when it comes to food, but the guys on Save Money: Good Food will be working hard to prove it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Recipes will include a sticky maple glazed gammon and a slow cooked lamb roast for main meal centrepieces, as well as some treats too we’re sure! We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

    Save Money: Good Food episode 3 recipes

    The third episode of Save Money: Good Food focuses on a family who are self-confessed poor planners. Susana and Matt promise to help them bring down their food bill by thousands of pounds a year, all with a little help from some leftovers love.

    Matt and Susana kick things off in the third episode of Save Money: Good Good with a cheap recipe for just £1 a head, a good old toad in the hole with lashings of rich onion gravy. Not forgetting pud the team rustle up a lemon posset for under 50p per portion and round things off with homemade Chinese takeaway for under £5 for the whole family, including dessert!

    Save Money: Good Food episode 4 recipes

    In the forth week of Save Money: Good Food Matt and Susana help a family to see past posh ready meal packaging and to give home-made food a go.

    Matt has a clever idea for a filling family meal that costs hardly anything to make – a Spanish tortilla. his version uses crispy bacon and punchy mustard to make sure it’s packed full of flavour. Not only that but Matt also manages to serve up a salad that he foraged from a bin!

    Finally the team show their family this week how to whip up a fancy Japanese feast for under £5!

    Save Money: Good Food episode 5 recipes

    In week five of Save Money: Good Food, Matt and Susana were faced with a family who had a phobia of their freezer, and threw piles of fresh food away each week. In true Matt style he came up with a clever solution in the form of cheap smoked haddock fish cakes, that worked out as one of his £1 a head meals. For something a little more extravagant the team showed the Smith family, who are from Liverpool, how to put together a true American feast for under a fiver.

    And following the success of week four’s cheap prosecco blind taste test, Susana tested the best cheeses on the supermarket shelves.

    Save Money: Good Food episode 6 recipes

    For the sixth instalment of Save Money: Good Food Susana and Matt help a family of six get out of a cooking rut. With four boys to feed the Laycock family were stuck making the same handful of hearty meals every week, which was costing them a fortune.

    Matt tackles getting their spending down by showing them how to make foot-long pizzas for just 60p per person (and even added some toppings he found in the bin!) as well as a delicious spiced spinach and ricotta cannelloni dinner, that’s made from leftovers. Matt also shares his recipes for how to make a glorious Thai feast for under £5.

    Save Money: Good Food episode 7 recipes

    Next week it’s the turn of the Harvey family to have a dinner-makeover, with the help of Matt and Susana. The Harveys are used to dishing up far more than they can eat, with Mum cooking up dinners that look like they’d feed forty, not four! Their waste levels aren’t helped by Dad, who isn’t a fan of leftovers.

    To show them how much they could be saving with a little pre-planning and some good old fashion cheap recipes, Matt will show the Harveys how to make a delicious fish curry that comes in at £1.20 each, as well as cooking up a Mexican feast for a fiver!

    Save Money: Good Food episode 8 recipes

    The final episode of Love Money: Good food is reserved for a family of 15! With 13 children, the Wilkinson family from North London spend a eye-watering £632 on food every week and often have to eat in shifts to accommodate everyone.

    Matt takes on the challenge with ease, whipping up a creamy and indulgent-tasting chicken in tarragon sauce with hasselback potatoes. This tasty meal idea costs just 90p a head, working out £13.50 for the whole family’s dinners.

    With so many children to cater to the Wilkinsons are also looking for fun kids’ party food ideas, as well as quick, easy and cheap lunchbox ideas. As ever Matt pulls out all the stops and comes up with a few genius ideas…

    More Save Money: Good Food recipes

    We couldn’t help but pinch a few extra recipes from Save Money: Good Food, because there’s nothing we like more than a delicious dinner that saves on some of those precious pennies too. Matt’s signature style ensures flavours are big despite the shopping bills being kept low for this lovely lot…

    Shakshouka and flatbreads

    Rich a spicy with chorizo and tomato flavours, this delicious breakfast dish is the meal of the moment. You can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and Matt has even included an easy flatbreads recipe too, all for under a fiver for four people – now that’s value!

    Get the recipe: Save Money: Good Food’ shakshouka and flatbreads

    Spaghetti puttanesca


    This clever recipes makes use of any leftover shakshouka sauce to create a deliciously moreish prawn pasta sauce flavoured with chilli, garlic and rosemary.


    et the recipe: Save Money: Good Food’ spaghetti puttanesca

    Rich bean stew

    Cutting down on expensive cuts of meat is one simple way to slash your food bill, and doesn’t Matt know it. Using the salty, smoky flavour of small bacon pieces he’s managed to make this bean stew taste meaty while ensuring it contains plenty of healthy veggies and legumes. This delicious mix is also used for Matt’s cannelloni recipe above.

    Get the recipe: Save Money: Good Food’ rich bean stew

    Bolognese pasties

    If you have leftover Bolognese from last night’s dinner lying around, don’t throw it out! Turn it into these divine pasties in next to no time and the whole family will be singing your praises.

    Get the recipe: Save Money: Good Food’ Bolognese pasties

    When is Save Money: Good Food on?

    Save Money: Good Food aired its first episode on Tuesday 4th April at 8pm on ITV, and will be on Tuesdays every week for eight weeks following that.

    Save Money: Good Food is the third of the Save Money series that premiered earlier this year.

    The first to air was a one-off episode, Save Money: Lose Weight, presented by Sian Williams and Dr Ranj Singh. In the show, the two road-tested some of the most popular diets and eating plans available.

    The second instalment of the series was Save Money: Good Health, which took viewers on a journey through the best value health fixes over six episodes.

    Have you been watching the new TV show? Let is know in the comments below!

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