Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro Contaldo is an extremely talented Italian chef, beloved in the UK. He’s also known for his association with his British protégé Jamie Oliver, credited for teaching Jamie everything he knows about Italian cooking.

His inspiration to cook in the UK was partly due to the high availability of game and fungi, which was reminiscent of his time in his youth spent hunting and foraging with his father and grandfather. The classic Italian style really can’t be beaten and we especially love Gennaro Contaldo’s alpine pizza!

Having started working in local restaurants since the age of 8, Gennaro really knows his stuff and has published many books over his career all filled with delicious Italian recipes.

Gennaro is a very busy chef and spends time teaching masterclasses at Jamie Oliver’s cooking school, as well as making regular appearances on ‘Saturday Kitchen’, and his own show with fellow Italian chef Antonio Carlucci ‘Two Greedy Italians’. Gennaro loves to spend his downtime cooking with his family at his cottage in Norfolk.