Photographer captures the exact moment she gave birth to her son

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  • Megan Mattiuzzo balanced her camera on her belly to capture her baby’s birth.

    The professional wedding photographer decided she wanted to document baby Easton’s first breath from her own unique point of view.

    ‘We welcomed baby Easton into the world yesterday at 9pm,’ she wrote on Instagram. ‘And yes I photographed his first breath from my perspective’. The post has been liked more than 500 times and had Megan’s followers awestruck.

    ‘Wowwww that is an amazing photo and truly incredible!!!’ said one. ‘It’s literally AMAZING. You are one determined mama. I love it,’ another commented.

    Although Megan knew several photographers who specialised in birth photography, she was determined to capture the moment herself.

    ‘My epidural didn’t work either,’ Megan revealed in a comment on the post. ‘And I wanted to pass out and thought I was going to throw up but I wanted this since I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t going to not try and then regret it.’

    The new mum had a detailed plan for capturing Easton’s first moments. As she started to push, she asked the doctors to adjust the lighting in her hospital room. Between contractions, she then adjusted the settings on her Nikon D5 camera, before handing it to her husband Ryan for safekeeping.

    An hour and fifteen minutes later, Megan’s doctor told her it was time for the final push. Megan balanced her camera on her stomach and looked through the viewfinder, pressing the shutter button as her son was born.

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    ‘I wasn’t sure I would be able to actually pull this off,’ she admitted on Facebook. ‘My pain level at the end was over the limit.’

    But forcing herself to focus on getting Easton’s first seconds on camera ended up being a welcome distraction from the pain, as well as letting her capture one of the best moments of her life.

    ‘We are so in love with out Baby Easton!’ she said.