Bingo wings diet plan

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  • Food nutritionist Monica Grenfell’s new bingo wings diet zaps your upper body in all the right places – you should see results in three weeks! 

    Yes, you can eat your way to slimmer arms! Just choose one of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners from this diet plan, plus two mini meals…



    1. 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice wholegrain toast with a scraping of olive oil spread.
    2. 30g porridge made with water, a little skimmed milk, 1tbsp sultanas.
    3. 30g Special K with 1 cup skimmed milk, 3 sliced strawberries.
    4. 2-egg Spanish omelette (with peppers, onions, tomatoes), glass grapefruit juice.
    5. Mixed fruit salad with fat-free yogurt.
    6. Fruit muffin, toasted, with a little jam. 1 cup skimmed milk or all-milk coffee.
    7. 1 shredded wheat with 1 cup skimmed milk, 1dsp honey.



    1. Mixed salad with 1dsp toasted pine nuts and 1tbsp bacon bits.
    2. Small French stick with 1tbsp cottage cheese and 3 walnuts.
    3. Cup of spinach or asparagus soup with a small wholemeal roll.
    4. Fruit compote – 6 prunes, apricots or hazelnuts – stirred through fat-free yogurt or fromage frais.
    5. Tuna pasta salad with sweetcorn – 170g cold penne pasta, 1tbsp tuna and 1tsp mayo.
    6. Salad sandwich – 2 slices wholegrain bread, colourful mixed salad with 2tsp mayonnaise.
    7. Plain ham or turkey salad – 3 slices of any cold meat.



    1. Cod in parsley sauce (boil-in-bag) with 1tbsp each of carrots, spinach and broccoli.
    2. 170g jacket potato, 1dsp barbecue sauce, grated raw vegetable salad.
    3. Florida chicken – 115g cold chicken chunks mixed with a segmented orange, tossed with lemon vinaigrette and served on mixed salad.
    4. 115g chicken or tofu, stir-fried with mixed veg and 1dsp Thai chilli sauce.
    5. 155g jacket potato with small tin water-packed tuna, 1tsp mayo and salad.
    6. Baked Quorn Lemon & Black Pepper Fillet, 1tbsp peas and 2 tiny boiled potatoes or 6 chips.
    7. Mediterranean salad – 60g feta cheese, 3 broken walnuts and olives

    As above but add either:
    – Medium (200g) jacket potato – 2 slices wholegrain bread – 12 chips – 50g (dried weight) cooked pasta shapes

    Mini meals


    Just 100 calories each, use them as dessert, to top up a meal or between meals

    – Cheese wrap – one slice Edam cheese and a lettuce leaf, wrapped around a stick of celery or carrot.
    – Handful of vegetable crisps with 1tbsp cottage or low-fat cheese as dip.
    – Slice of ham or chicken, wrapped around 2 asparagus spears or thin slices of melon.
    – Thermos-sized cup of lentil soup.
    – Apple and pear.
    – Large banana.
    – 1 sliced apple and 6 walnuts.
    – Small mixed salad with a sliced hard-boiled egg and 1tsp curry mayonnaise to mix.
    – Small banana, sliced, with 1tbsp fromage frais.
    – Stick of celery filled with 3tsp peanut butter.
    – Medium slice of wholemeal toast with Marmite.
    – Cup low-fat chocolate drink with an apple or pear.

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    Get sexy arms

    Use a scrub
    Exfoliate your arms in the bath or shower, then rinse and smooth in body oil two or three times a week. Try Beautifully Delicious Coconut and Shea Body Scrub, £4.99, Boots.

    Do push ups
    It’s not easy, but practice makes perfect! They tone the arms, shoulders and back. Try five to 10, then rest and repeat, every day.

    Get in the pool
    Swimming twice a week is a great all-rounder that works your chest, back and arms in one go. If it’s not for you, try aqua aerobics for half an hour, twice a week.