What celebrities really eat in a day – revealed!

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  • We love an inside look into the daily lives of our favourite celebrities, especially when it comes to comparing the food on our plates to their food on their Instagrams. We've rounded up the most interesting celebrity diets - there's a few surprises in there!

    Ever wondered what your favourite celebrity eats all day, every day?
    Don’t worry – we have too, and it’s perfectly normal to wonder about
    those celebrity diets, not to mention totally fascinating!

    celeb diet is a topic that magazines love to cover, with so many
    interviews asking what a typical day in their food-life looks like.
    We’ve summed up everything in bite-sized packages so you can peek inside
    their food diaries.

    We’re always a little bit obsessed by what
    celebs eat, and while some eat pretty much the same stuff that we do,
    others are a little more alternative with their choices of grub. Whether
    it’s a weight-loss fad diet, a homemade family dinner, or a night of
    luxury wining and dining, you can guarantee that our favourite
    celebrities will be snapping a pic for Instagram or broadcasting it on
    Snapchat for all their followers to see.

    With so many dieting
    trends telling us what we should be munching on and what we should be
    hurling far, far away from our bodies, it’s refreshing to see that not
    everyone sticks to these all the time! A few of our favourite celebs
    have said that while they try to be gluten-free, dairy-free, or
    whatever-free as much as possible, they love their treats and try to
    combine healthy options with indulgent bits here and there.

    many celebrities are admired for their slender frames, intensive workout
    programs and pricey detox treatments, but it’s a relief to see some who
    stay in shape just by picking whole-food goodness instead of putting
    their bodies through hell.

    While some of their daily menus seem a
    tad overboard for us to include in our lifestyle (we’re looking at you,
    Madonna!), we can’t deny that it’s inspiring to see that most of them
    have meal plans that we so could get on board with.

    Scrambled eggs, yummy smoothies and roast chicken, all in one day? Sign us up!