Amy Childs’ latest parenting decision sparks HUGE weaning debate

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  • Amy Childs, former TOWIE star and mum to four-month-old Polly, has come under fire from fans after she shared a picture of Aptamil baby porridge and revealed plans to begin weaning her daughter on Instagram.

    Comments from her 496k followers were divided, with many of her fans either praising or slamming her decision to begin weaning Polly at four months.

    The 27-year-old star wrote: ‘Ok girls so here goes !!! Can’t believe polly is now 4 months, where does the time go, right so I’m going to put polly on baby rice, she seems to be getting so hungry.’

    Amy explained that she feeds Polly every four hours, but that her little girl is now waking up in between, wanting more food.

    ‘I don’t no why but I still think she is so small to be having baby rice but I’m going to give it a try as there now say to put them on rice at 4 months ( a lot of new mums told me not to wait until there 6 months)’

    The new mum was quick to confess she wasn’t sure: ‘Polly is a very hungry baby, was any other mums nervous weening ?? I sure am will let you no how I get on.’

    Some fellow mums were quick to show their support for the reality star. One fan in particular stood up for Amy, saying: ‘All these people going mad about weaning before 6 months.. yes the guidelines say 6 months but that’s exactly what they are.. a guide. Every baby is different and has different needs.’

    Another added: ‘Listen to your baby, if she’s hungry then she needs more, mummy’s instinct is always a good rule too, enjoy your beautiful little girl xxx’

    In a bid to show support, another follower admitted: ‘My eldest weaned 14 weeks x’

    [instagram][/instagram]However, there were many that couldn’t believe her decision. One user commented: ‘You’re a woman on the public eye … Do your research .. absolutely shocking!!’

    Another wrote: ‘Omg 🙈 no early weaning.’

    One user slammed the star for giving others ‘dangerous advice’ on the subject: ‘This is so irresponsible and is false and dangerous advice. You are in the public eye, you shouldn’t be publicly condoning something the NHS, WHO & UNICEF say no to.’

    When it comes to the ‘right age’ to wean your baby, there are some official guidelines you can follow. According to the Department of Health, you should feed your baby nothing but milk for the first six months.

    They suggest that it’s safe to start weaning when your baby reaches six months old, as by this time their digestive system is ready to cope with solid foods and they’ll begin to need the extra nutrients and iron that milk alone can’t provide.

    However, some mums start weaning as early as four months old, following advice from their own health professionals. Never start weaning before your baby is 17 weeks old.

    The Department of Health says that you can tell your baby is ready for solids if they:

  • Can sit up
  • Want to chew and are putting toys and other objects in their mouth
  • Can reach and grab accurately
  • When did you start weaning your baby? Let us know in the comments box below.