Café divides opinion after it bans children under the age of 12

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  • A café in Devon is facing backlash after making the decision to ban all children under the age of 12.

    Café owner, Bob Higginson only opened his ocean liner-themed café The Chart Room a month ago. After opening in Brixham, Devon, he announced that while dogs and older children were welcomed, kids younger than the age of 12 ‘would not be catered for’.


    The 61-year-old told Metro: ‘My main demographic is older, more mature people who want peace and quiet.’

    He added that children often end up causing damage, saying: ‘There are nice and expensive artefacts which are not behind glass cases, we’ve had things broken by children in the past.’

    The cafe posted a poll to try and gauge public opinion, and the results were overwhelming.


    While some angry residents have since boycotted the café, claiming discrimination, many people have left supportive comments on the Facebook page.

    One posted: ‘I think it’s great you don’t let children in. Nice to know I can get a coffee with out self entitled little brats causing a scene and their equally bratty parents thinking it’s ok to misbehave,’ whilst another agreed: ‘We need more places like this. Children are absolutely everywhere and parents seem to think they are entitled to taking over the world.’

    However, another argued: ‘For not allowing kids , i do not think you deserve the 5 star rating i gave you last week. One less place to come back to in brixham. Good day.’

    A Torbay Council spokesman told the paper: ‘Whether or not children (under 18s) are permitted on a premises is not legislated.

    ‘Therefore, there would be no direction from the council as to whether a business can or cannot permit entry to children.

    ‘This would be a matter totally at the discretion of the premises licence holder or if not licensed then the business/premises owner.’

    What do you think? Would you like a cuppa with no children or has this café gone too far? Let us know in the comments box below.