How to dress to hide big thighs

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  • Thighs are one part of the body that it’s really hard to lose weight from, so that’s where clever dressing tips can come in handy!

    Many of us are pear shaped – meaning we’re bigger on the bottom than the top. It’s very difficult to lose weight during the festive season, but if your thighs aren’t as slim as you’d like them to be, it doesn’t need to stop you from looking and feeling great at your Christmas party.

    Follow our tips below to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes to suit your figure. But most importantly, remember to show off your best bits, stand up straight and smile – and you’ll dazzle at any party.

    How to dress to hide big thighs

    • Stay away from very tight fitting trousers or skinny jeans – instead, go for bootcut or flared trousers. These will balance out the appearance of your thighs, while trousers that are too tight will just draw attention to the area.
    • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Give magic underwear a go. You can get one pair that’ll pull in your stomach and shape your bum and thighs all at the same time. They’re an absolute must for when you’re wearing a nice party dress as they’ll give you a lovely shape.
    • Wear dark colours on the bottom and light colours on top. Dark colours are slimming and by wearing something brighter on top you’ll be drawing the eye away from your thighs.
    • Medium or high heels will make your legs look longer which will help your thighs to look slimmer! 
    • If you’re wearing a skirt, go for a floaty or A-line one – and choose something that goes over a knee. Ta-da! Thighs? What thighs?

    What should I wear?

    Need some examples? See our gallery of how to dress to hide big thighs.

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