Coronation Street star Kate Ford reveals endometriosis diagnosis

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  • Coronation Street star Kate Ford has opened up about a secret health condition that sees her living in pain.

    The actress shocked fans when she shared an article reporting that US singer Halsey had been treated for endometriosis, even undergoing multiple operations that she is now recovering from.

    Taking to social media, Kate tweeted the link to the article, with an accompanying message revealing that she herself suffers with the condition.

    The ITV favourite wrote to her 92.6k followers a tweet that read, ‘US singer Halsey is recovering from multiple operations to treat endometriosis. I suffer from this it’s not easy’.

    Fans couldn’t believe the news that Kate had been living with the agonising condition in secret, and flooded her tweet with messages of support and sympathy.

    One follower wrote, ‘so sorry to hear of your health problem hun. Look after yourself and lots of love xxx’ while another shared their concerns, ‘Aw Kate that sounds awful darling xx’.

    And it seems that Kate has opened up a discussion point on a wider issue, with fans that are familiar with endometriosis encouraging the mum of two to spread awareness.

    One Twitter user wrote, ‘There’s a women’s health story here that needs to be talked about. #endowarrior #endometriosis’ and another urged Kate to continue shining a light on the condition, ‘Please use your platform to publicise Endo! If more sufferers spoke out maybe more would be done to help us! ✅#Endometriosis 💛’

    It seems many of Kate’s followers have shared in her pain, and have struggled in private like her, ‘thank you for giving this awful condition publicity i suffered in silence then the pain got to much and I got help’.

    This is the first time that the 40 year old has opened up about her condition, choosing not to make it public knowledge so far.

    Endometriosis means cells from the womb can appear elsewhere in the body, causing severe pain and even infertility.

    Endometriosis often affects women in their 30s and 40s and can cause painful periods and sex as well as stomach ache, and may contribute to difficulties becoming pregnant.

    Unfortunately there is no miracle cure, doctors usually recommend pain relief and using the contraceptive pill to ease period pain.

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