Jessica Cunningham hits out at Ferne McCann over ‘single mum’ comments

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  • Jessica Cunningham has hit out at Ferne McCann after the new mum said she doesn’t like the term ‘single mum’.

    The former Apprentice star, who raised three children on her own, took to Twitter to reveal she felt ‘frustrated’ after hearing Ferne McCann’s comments about being a single mum on This Morning.

    The TOWIE favourite said she doesn’t like the term ‘single mum’, which Jessica says doesn’t help in removing the stigma around it.

    She wrote on Twitter: ‘On @thismorning yesterday, There was a well known celeb, stating she doesn’t want to be labelled a single mum as she is a first time mum.

    ‘I felt frustrated by this, surely she is both? We need to remove the stigma around this title. influencers can help to do this. #removethestigma’

    Jessica had also previously weighed in on the ‘single mum’ debate, by sharing her views on her blog, Mother Of Maniacs, following Ferne’s initial comments on the topic.

    She wrote, back in October: ‘She [Ferne] probably thinks that the statement is empowering for women. But, after experiencing life as a single mum – I strongly disagree. The term single mum is something you can own.

    The reality TV star also said that in embracing the label, Ferne could potentially be helping many parents who find themselves in the same situation.

    ‘But with that ‘label’, she will also have the chance to inspire others, who are in s***ty situations with their partners to be brave, to be bold and to do something about it.

    ‘Ferne is incredibly lucky to be in a position to be able to inspire others and let them know that being a single parent isn’t shameful – sometimes it’s the only option you have’, Jessica wrote.

    The mother-of-three, who recently revealed she suffered a miscarriage, also said that she proudly embraced the term single parent when she was raising her children alone.

    ‘I, like many single parents, chose to embrace being a single parent, because that is what I was. Although it was not ideal, or initially what I wanted, I am SO proud of what I have achieved raising three children under the age of three, while single,’ she wrote.

    Jessica’s comments come after Ferne’s appearance on This Morning yesterday, where she told Phil and Holly: ‘I don’t like the term single mum because I don’t feel like I should be labelled. I’m a first time mum like any kind of mum.’

    It’s not the first time the new mum has expressed her dislike for the term, having revealed in an interview in October that she wouldn’t want to be addressed as a single mum.

    ‘I don’t like the term single mum and I don’t want to be addressed as that because I don’t think you should be labelled,’ she explained to OK! magazine.

    ‘To me, I’m going to be a mum like anyone else, but just in a different situation. It shouldn’t define you.’

    Jessica also made a poll on Twitter, where she asked people ‘Is there is shame in the label single mum?’ – to which 84% of the 500 respondents said no.

    Do you agree with Jessica or are you with Ferne and think ‘single mum’ shouldn’t be a label? Let us know in the comments!