Peter Andre reveals wife Emily is ‘chronically tired’ and in ‘no rush’ to have more kids

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  • Peter Andre has opened up about becoming a father for the fourth time, saying that his family feels complete with baby Theo and that he and his wife are in ‘no rush’ to have any more children.

    Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, the reality TV star has revealed what life has been like since the birth of his son Theo on 22nd November last year.

    Peter admitted that he and Emily are in ‘no rush’ to have more children, joking that men don’t think through the consequences of ‘trying for a baby’.

    ‘Guys are in a very difficult position when we’re asked this question because when your wife says to you, “Would you like to try for a baby?” the only thing we hear is the word ‘try’

    ‘We don’t think of the consequences! Emily’s not in a rush to have more children – we have our hands full with Theo. Emily’s too shattered to think about another baby until Theo’s sleeping through.’

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    The father-of-four described his family as being ‘complete’ whilst recounting how hectic life can be with his little ones.

    ‘I’m pretty content with the amount of children we have right now; we have got a house full of kids.’

    ‘When I look in the rear-view mirror of the car and see all the kids, I think, “when did this happen?” It’s crazy. After having Amelia, we said we wanted at lest one more. But now that we’ve got Theo, our family feels complete. But you never know what might happen!’

    When asked if his 27-year-old wife was doing better after going through pregnancy and a ‘traumatic birth‘, Peter admitted she is ‘still chronically tired’.

    ‘Slightly, but she’s still chronically tired. Don’t forget that when Theo’s asleep, she’s got Amelia and then Junior and Princess too when they’re with us.’

    ‘And it’s really important we don’t make the others feel left out or less important. Parenting is a balancing act, it’s not easy, but Emily and I are a good team.’

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    Though having such a busy family is lovely, unfortunately this means less alone time for Peter and Emily.

    The 43-year-old described the couple as ‘ships passing in the night at the moment’ when referring to how much time they get to spend with each other.

    ‘It’s tough, but it’s only temporary so if you can focus on that, you will get through the tough initial period after having a baby. We did manage a couple of nights away in Spain for my birthday, though.’