Design students launch period board game to help young girls learn about their bodies

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  • One company has created a fun ‘period themed’ board game to educate and encourage girls to talk openly about their changing bodies.

    The Period Game, as it’s been called, aims to take the fear factor out of periods for young girls, encourage healthy, normalised conversations and providing support and understanding.

    It circles around a 3D structure in the middle of the board – a plastic model of the female reproductive system, complete with ovaries and uterus.

    Playing pieces are tiny tampons, pads, menstrual cups and a little pair of knickers, which you use as you work your way round the board by twisting an ‘ovary’ and releasing either a red or clear marble, landing you either on your period, or ‘in the clear’. But be warned, a clear marble could lump you with PMS, meaning you stall on your journey.

    You can also pick up ‘preparation cards’, which say things like ‘Took a cosy hot bath; play this card when you land on PMS.’

    Or you can pick up ‘action cards’ which say things like, ‘Oops… you leaked. Go to the nurse’s office and skip next turn.’

    ‘Players learn about gameplay and their body through two “Wait, really?” instructional packets,’ says the website. ‘The first serves as game instructions, while the second is used to provide answers about how the game’s more nuanced references relate to their real life counterparts.’

    The prototype is the creation of design students Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy who are currently looking for a manufacturer so they can get it into the shops. It’s already won the Red Dot Design Award, an international award for independent designers, so now it just needs funding to really get the ball rolling.

    What do you think? Would you buy the period board game for your children? Let us know in the comments section below!

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