Chefs and waiters reveal the dishes they AVOID ordering when eating out

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  • Chefs, waiters and and industry professionals have shared the secrets of the trade and revealed what you should never order at a restaurant.

    Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant, before the waiter brings your yummy-looking food over to your table?

    Well, now you don’t have to wonder, because the experts have spilled the beans and revealed the foods you should really avoid when eating out.

    The curious revelations were posted on the famous online forum Reddit, after a user asked the question: ‘Chefs and waiters of Reddit, what type of dish do you always avoid when eating at another restaurant and why?’

    Many industry professionals were quick to reply on the thread, sharing their insider knowledge with us mere mortals, and telling us what to avoid when visiting a restaurant.

    One user has potentially put us off hollandaise sauce forever: ‘I don’t trust hollandaise sauce to not come from a jacuzzi of aged bacterial growth.’

    Chefs and waiters have revealed what really goes on behind the scenes…

    Other users explained the reason why the sauce might not be the best option when eating out, saying that it goes off in a few hours and chefs might keep using until it runs out.

    ‘Because it’s made of raw egg and butter (basically) that’s kept hot enough to keep it thick, but not hot enough to cook the eggs. The perfect breeding ground for bacteria if it’s not thrown out every 4 hours’, one explained.

    Others mentioned chicken as being one of the ones to avoid, as it sometimes can be undercooked for speed.

    One Reddit user wrote: ‘Chicken. Too many times have I seen undercooked chicken just because either the kitchen was slammed or the cook was being lazy. If I do order chicken from a restaurant I’ll thoroughly check it before I take a single bite. Unfortunately I’ve found out many restaurants have this issue.’

    And if you thought you were being good when ordering a salad, think again – some revealed that the vegetables going in the dish sometimes aren’t washed.

    One said: ‘Not a chef or a waiter, but once spoke to someone who works in a health and safety food lab- the place where they take food samples and test them for bacteria etc. She said that she avoids salads when eating out. She said that anything that has been cooked is most likely ok, but to maintain a bacteria-free salad station is very hard.’

    Another commented: ‘I don’t dare touch salads. I’ve seen far too many waiters just shove their ungloved hands on the bins and no one ever washes their hands enough for that to be ok.’

    Of course it was pointed out by many throughout the thread that this will always depend on the quality of the restaurant, but others weren’t convinced: ‘After reading this thread I think I will never go to a restaurant again…’

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