Egg-cup candles

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  • Recycle your eggshells by turning them into these lovely egg-cup candles with Woman’s Weekly’s simple 3-step craft instructions. The kids will love making these candles for Easter and they’ll make lovely decorations all year round too.

    How to make egg-cup candles

    Time: 30 minutes

    Skill level: Can be a bit fiddly, so make sure you supervise the kids especially in step 3.

    Craft equipment:

    • 6 white duck eggs
    • 6 white tea-lights

    To dye the eggshells you’ll need:

    • 1tsp of food colouring
    • White emulsion paint
    • 6 egg cups or miniature pots
    • A metal ladle
    • 1 old jam jar with the lid

    Craft instructions:

    Hard-boil your eggs. When they’re cool, carefully break off the top of each egg around 2/3 of the way up and scrape out the egg. Clean the remaining shell inside and out, breaking off loose bits to leave you with a jagged edge.

    To dye your eggshells:

    • To tint the whole egg leaving a white rim: Add 1/2 teaspoon of white wine vinegar and food colouring in equal measures into the jam jar and fill with hot water. Fill your eggshell about 3/4 full with water. Place the eggshell in the jar, allowing it to bob. Remove the eggshell when you’re happy with the colour; the longer you leave it, the stronger the colour will be. Put it in an eggbox to dry.
    • To tint a band of colour at the top of an eggshell: Use the same ratio of vinegar and dye in a jam-jar lid, add in a small amount of hot water, and place your eggshell upside down in the mix. Keep an eye on the eggshell and remove it when you’re happy with the colour. Put it in an eggbox to dry.

    To turn the eggshells into candles (if you’re making these with the kids, do this part for them as there’s a risk they could burn themselves): Take a tea-light, remove it from its metal casing and pull out the wick from the bottom and reserve it for later use. Place the tea-light in the ladle and hold it over the edge of a gas hob, making sure your hand isn’t too close to the flame. Once the wax has melted, let it cool for a minute before carefully pouring it into an eggshell, supported and upright in its egg box. When the wax begins to thicken, after about 10 minutes, replace the wick in the egg-cup candle wax and leave it to fully set before using.

    Tip: Display the eggs in small terracotta plant pots. You can paint them with white emulsion and use the leftover food dye to colour them.

    This craft idea was extracted from Woman’s Weekly magazine, 3rd April 2012 issue.

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