Pretty photo frame craft

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  • You won’t believe how simple these gorgeous photo frames are to make, they literally take minutes to do!

    They’re so quick and simple that, if you’ve got little crafters in your house, you could get them to help. Just remember to be careful with the glue gun, if using one, as the end can get very hot.

    Choose ribbon in a similar width or style, but in contrasting colours to make each photo standout. We used a bric a brac ribbon to get the lovely wavy line but you can make these with anything at all – velvet ribbon looks great, as do pastel shades of grosgrain.

    These photo frames make great gifts for family or friends if you’ve got special pictures that you’d like to give them – much nicer than just giving them a folder with some photos in!

    If you ever have a go at making our crafts then we love to see them, let us know how you got on in the comment box below or send us a picture via our Facebook page.

    You will need

    Metal ruler

    -Cutting board


    -Foam board

    -Pritt Stick


    -Hot glue gun or Copydex

    Step 1

    Cut your photo to size, then cut out a piece of foam board to the same measurements. Glue them together using a Pritt Stick.

    Step 2

    Stick a length of ribbon to the outer edge of the frame – we used a hot glue gun, as it’s quick and instant, but Copydex works, too. Leave to dry.

    Step 3

    Cut out two triangles from the foam board exactly the same size and stick these to the back of the frame. These become the stand, so check the angle before you secure them permanently. Arrange the photo frames in a group, or give them as a gift.