10 really great value foods

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  • We all have our essentials that we put in our trolley every week, but are you getting the best value with yours? Best value doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest – we’re talking the types of food that are versatile, nutritious and will fill you up! Here, we’ve put together a list of 10 foods that we think are really great value.

    Frozen peas

    You can pick up a 900g bag of frozen peas for as little as 90p from Tesco’s Everyday Value Range. A 900g bag will last you a while – and peas are great for adding into pastas, risottos and mince based dishes. Or you could make a very filling pea soup, or just serve them on the side of your dinner.


    Oats are great because they provide slow release energy, meaning you feel full for longer. They’re great for porridge in the morning, or you could make your own museli with some mixed dried fruit, chopped nuts and seeds. You can also use them to make flapjack or to put in a crumble mix. A 1kg bag of oats costs just 75p in Tesco’s Everyday Value Range.


    Boil them, scramble them, fry them, poach them, make them into an omelette or a frittata – eggs are incredibly versatile and they’re high in protein. An omelette or a frittata is also a great way to use up some leftover veg – just chuck them in.


    Baked potatoes are a really good, filling, no-fuss meal. If you cook them in the microwave they can be ready in under 10 minutes too. They’re also great for potato salads and of course, roasties or mash as part of your roast dinner. A 1.5kg bag of potatoes will cost you just 90p in Tesco’s Everyday Value Range.


    Mince is a really cheap and easy way to eat meat. A 500g pack of beef mince will cost you just £1.56 from Tesco’s Everyday Value range, and it’s guaranteed to last for 4 days after you buy it. You can use it to make classics like spag bol, chilli and shepherd’s pie – all of which are our favourites for batch cooking and freezing too.


    A bunch of Tesco Everyday Value Bananas costs just £1.15 – we love bananas because they’re a great quick and easy snack, plus if they’ve gone a bit brown they’re great for treats like banana bread and banana muffins. Did you know you can freeze bananas too? They make a lovely frozen treat – a bit like an ice lolly!


    Surely a staple in any fridge, a sprinkle of cheese can liven up almost any savoury dish. On days when you want a really quick and cheap meal, nothing beats a cheese omelette or jacket potato with cheese. It may be high in fat, but cheese also high in protein – so if you have a fairly small amount, it’s actually quite a healthy snack as it’ll help to control your blood sugar levels. A small sized block of Tesco’s Everyday Value Mild White Cheese will cost you £1.77.


    Another quick and easy meal option, opt for wholewheat pasta for a really filling and healthy meal (it costs the same as white pasta too). During the summer, a cold pasta salad is a great option for kids’ packed lunch boxes – so cook some extra pasta when you’re making dinner and turn it into a salad with a few veggies and some Crème Fraiche. A 500g bag of Wholewheat Fusilli Pasta will cost you 95p at Tesco.

    Chopped tomatoes

    You can make a meal out of all sorts with a tin of chopped tomatoes. And when they cost as little as 31p for a 400g can from Tesco’s Everyday Value range, everyone’s happy! Stir through pasta with some veggies for an easy and healthy meal, whisk up and use as a base for homemade pizzas or make a tasty and filling tomato soup.

    Plain natural yoghurt

    Pour a bit of natural yoghurt over a fruit salad for healthy dessert for kids. It’s also very tasty with just a bit of honey squeezed in and you can use it on your cereal as an alternative to milk. And a 500g pot will cost you just 55p from Tesco’s Everyday Value Range.

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