Beware! Rip off dentists!

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  • I’d heard about a new local dentist who was good and also cheap. Now, I love a bargain, so I decided to give my teeth an MOT.

    As the dentist looked at my teeth, there was a lot of ooh-ing and ah-ing – but not from me, from him. He said I had some loose fillings and a cracked tooth that could give way at any time, causing me great pain. He then got out a mini camera and filmed the inside of my mouth. After a few seconds, he showed me a video of my teeth. But how did I know these were actually my terrible teeth? The images on the screen weren’t live, it could’ve been anyone’s mouth.

    Then he hit me with the really bad news – the bill! I had two choices, the low-cost option (which he didn’t favour), or the very expensive option, which he thoroughly endorsed.

    I said I’d think about it and come back another time. On my second visit, before I’d even sat on the chair he asked me whether I had decided to go for the expensive option or the cheap option – I hadn’t even opened my mouth! ‘I haven’t even sat down and you want to know how much money I have to spend? You’re more concerned with my cash than my teeth! I don’t want any treatment from you, I’m leaving.’ And I left.

    I went back to my old dentist – the last time I saw him was over 11 years ago. He gave my teeth a good going over and came to the conclusion that my teeth were perfect – no loose fillings, no cracked teeth – nothing!

    So, the upshot of all this is, don’t be scared into paying a big dentist bill – get a second opinion – you might save on money and pain!