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  • Hi, my name’s Jo and I’m an Energy Manager, which means I help create energy efficient buildings and protect the environment. When I learnt that buildings are responsible for almost half of UK CO2 emissions, half of our water consumption and about a third of landfill waste in the UK, I wanted to do something about it!

    Right now, I’m working to make the London Olympic Games the greenest Olympics ever. Our goal is to cut carbon emissions at the Olympics by 50%. My role is to manage the design team and put efficient energy sources, like wind turbines, into practice. Doing Physics at A-level has really helped my in my role as I use the skills I learnt every day. I’m really proud of what I do and I love having a job that benefits the entire planet as well as leaving a legacy for the future.

    Did you know?

    Typical salaries range from £18,000- £50,000.

    You won’t be stuck in an office- Environmentalists go on site regularly and inspect their projects.

    With a career as an Environmentalist, you could make a real difference to the planet and create a cleaner world for future generations.

    Most new buildings are trying to lower their carbon footprint so you could be involved in anything from houses to space stations.

    Whatever type of Environmentalist you want to be, it’s important to have science qualifications behind you.

    Interested in helping the environment?

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