Questions about the goodtoknow community

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  • How do I sign up to the goodtoknow community?

    Click here to fill in a few bits of information and create an account with your email address. Or, click on the Facebook button to sign-up with your Facebook account.

    Facebook users please note: None of the activities on goodtoknow will be shown on Facebook unless you give us explicit consent to do so through your Facebook account’s privacy settings.

    How do I log in?

    Simply click on the Sign in link, which you will see on the top right-hand side on any goodtoknow page. Then just follow the instructions. Still confused? Click here to send us your email address and we will send you further instructions.

    I’ve forgotten my username/password. What do I do?

    Your username is your email address. But if you have forgotten your password, just go to our forgotten password page to reset it. Easy peasy!

    How can I update my profile?

    To update your profile, simply click on ‘Edit Your Profile’ and you will be taken to a page where you can upload an image and insert some information about yourself.

    You can adjust your settings for privacy, notifications and your signature by selecting ‘Preferences’ and following the instructions. The default privacy setting is public, however you have the option to change this under Preferences and then going to ‘Personal Privacy’.

    What can I do with my goodtoknow profile?

    Your goodtoknow profile allows you to:
    -Comment on articles -Create a profile page -Update your status -Send messages -Add other goodtoknow users as ‘friends’
    -View your past activities

    Please remember some basic online safety rules. Do not post personal information publicly on goodtoknow, such as your full name, address, phone number, place of work or study. See more safety tips below.

    How do I add a friend or accept a friend request?

    Click on ‘Edit Your Profile’, select the ‘People’ tab and then ‘Friends’. Here you can view any pending friend requests, plus see friends you’ve already added.

    It’s easy to add friends. Just mouse over any user’s picture anywhere you see it on the site and click the ‘Add As Friend’ button. Or, you can click on the picture or user’s name to go to their profile and add them from there. This icon is located beneath the profile picture.

    How can I interact with my friends on goodtoknow?

    Once you are accepted as a friend of another user, you have access to their Profile and can send them messages in the form of a ‘comment’.

    To do this, simply click on ‘Feed’ then ‘Write a Comment’ and ‘Add.’ You can also recommend your friends.

    The orange icon at the bottom of the left-hand control panel allows you to subscribe to your friends’ latest activities via a technology calls ‘RSS’.

    How to I report questionable posts?

    If you suspect a post has violated one of our community guidelines, please don’t hesitate to report it by clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ button on the thread.

    This will automatically send a message to goodtoknow community moderators. We will take a look and decide if the post violates our standards. If so, we will do our best to remove the content as soon as possible.

    Can I ignore someone I don’t like?

    Sometimes you may disagree with other members, and wish that their content is deleted. You can choose to ‘ignore’ the content of other members if you wish. To do this, click on the user’s avatar (their icon), then choose ‘Ignore User’ from their profile. You will no longer see content generated by the blocked user.

    If a user’s posts are of a questionable nature, please click the ‘Report Abuse’ button, which will send the post to our moderators.

    I’m worried about how safe it is to chat on the internet – can you give me some tips?

    Chatting on the internet is a good way of finding information and support. It’s also a great way to make new friends, however, it does pay to be cautious.

    – Although you may feel comfortable with the group of friends you have made you should always remember that anyone can read what you post online. If you post lots of details about your life, work or town then people may be able to piece together a picture of who, and where, you are.
    – Never reveal your home address, email address, or your telephone numbers on the goodtoknow community as they might be seen by people who you’d rather not see them.
    – If you decide to meet up with friends from the internet, take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place, take a friend with you and make sure someone knows where you are going and when you will be back.
    – When commenting on the goodtoknow community, treat other members with respect. You may not always agree with the opinions or the advice you are given but think carefully about what you say in your reply. Remember offensive posts will be reported to goodtoknow.

    I’m stuck! How do I get help?

    The first place to come to is here! If that still hasn’t answered your question, why not email us. You can contact us by sending an email to and we will be happy to help.