Get party hair

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  • Sometimes, way before a party, I’ll think about what I’m going to do with my hair – at the moment, I want to go out looking like Cheryl Cole. But then the party comes around and five minutes before I leave I realise that I don’t have time for my hair, so I’ll just shove it up in a clip or pony tail.

    This year’s going to be different though. I’ve had a word with
    Akin Konizi from HOB salons, he’s the British Hairdresser of Year and he’s given me these tips:

    ‘If you’ve got short hair freshen-up the style with an accessory.’
    Don’t think that you’re too old – a simple patent black, silver or gold hair band, or small diamante clips can look really chic.

    ‘Use a serum or wax – just about a 5p sized piece and rub through your hair to give your style a bit of texture.’ There’s a brilliant new range by top hairdresser Tara Smith, whose products are natural and organic but are all less than a fiver and are sold in Tesco. Try the Top Coat Glosser, you just spray it on, style your hair and it holds the style and adds gloss.

    ‘If you’ve got a long fringe do something different with it, such as slicking it back, combing it to one side or putting it up into a small quiff and pinning it back with clips.’

    ‘If you have shoulder length or long hair go for some red-carpet glamour with a good blow-dry. Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Tess Daily always do this really well.’ The key to getting it right yourself is to use rollers on the crown, and if you have long hair, on the ends as well. Choose wide barrel rollers. And use them when your hair is almost dry, but not quite. Finish with a styling spray to hold the style.

    If that’s too much effort but you still want that voluminous, glam look, try tipping your head upside down when you blow dry your hair. And use a root lifting product on the ends. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion is perfect for this.