Help and advice for parents

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  • Being a teenager can be tough. There are hormone changes to deal with, changes to your body and not to mention coping with your first period.

    Girls can start their period as early as 8-years-old and as a parent it’s important to talk to your daughter about starting her period and advise her on the choice of products available.

    Once your daughter has started her period it usually takes about 12 to 18 months for them to develop into a regular pattern. It’s also not unusual for girls to have their first period and then not have another one for a few months.

    Be prepared for mood changes. Due to the increase in hormone activity at this time it’s completely normal for teens to be happy one minute and emotional the next.

    Suggest your daughter keeps a diary and marks when the first day of her period arrives and then again when her next period starts. This will help her understand her monthly cycle and is a great way of ensuring she is always prepared with sanitary protection.

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