Make your Christmas gravy great

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  • The basics

    Homemade gravy is so much tastier than gravy made from granules, it really is worth the effort around Christmas. Follow these steps for a basic homemade gravy, then read our tips below to make it extra special. 

    – Cook your Christmas turkey according to your recipe. 

    – Once your turkey is cooked and is resting, take your pan and put it on a low heat (the oils and ‘cooking juices’ in your pan will form the base of your gravy). 

    – If this isn’t enough gravy, add some chicken stock.

    – You’ll need to thicken it up a bit – mix a little cornflour with a little warm water and make a paste, then add this to your gravy and mix it in well.

    10 tips for delicious gravy

    Follow the instructions above and you’ll be left with a really tasty gravy. But if you want to make it extra special, here’s some tips to add extra flavour.

    1. Add oil from your potatoes…

    Tip the oil from your potato pan into your gravy – especially if you used herbs or seasoning on your potatoes.

    2. … but don’t use too much oil or fat 

    You don’t want a greasy gravy. Once you’ve added everything to your pan, tilt it and spoon off most of the fat or oil.

    3. Thicken up with chicken gravy granules

    Instead of adding conflour, you can add a few chicken gravy granules to thicken up your gravy and give it a richer taste.

    4. Add extra veg bits to your turkey pan

    Before you put your turkey into the oven, add some bit of vegetables to the pan – leftover bits like peelings and the ends of carrots will do fine. Leave these in the pan while you’re making the gravy, just remember to sieve them out before you serve.

    5. Add wine

    A big splash of wine will add some extra punch to your wine – go with white wine with gravy for turkey.

    6. Add herbs 

    Fresh herbs will add a lovely flavour to your gravy – add them early on in the gravy-making process.

    7. Add meat 

    Break off some bits of meat from the turkey, chop into small bits and add to your gravy.

    8. Add seasoning

    Salt and pepper will add even more flavour to your gravy, but don’t
    overdo it. Don’t be afraid to add a bit, test it, and only add a
    bit more if necessary. 

    9. Sieve it! 

    If you’ve followed all of our tips above, it’s a good idea to sieve your
    gravy to get rid of any extra bits of turkey or vegetable peelings
    that might have been left behind.

    10. Don’t rush 

    Having a few extra minutes can be the difference between a good gravy and a great gravy. If your gravy is too runny, simmer for a few minutes to thicken up before you add any flour.

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